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Group Collab: Large-scale Comic Project

I'm in the process of trying to get a comic started, but I lack the attention span to do the whole thing. I've got characters designed, pages written, plot in progress, but actually drawing the thing is where I get stuck.

And then I had an idea, and after a few days of thought, I've decided to act on it. Rather than than trying to do it all myself, or dicking around with trying to find a long-term collab partner, why not get a variety of artists and styles in on the project?

The comic takes place at the turn of the previous century, and has a slightly gritty Wind of the Willows feel. The story follows three friends whose hijinks land them in quite a bit of trouble after one of them loses a bit more money than he has whilst gambling.

The characters are critters of my own design, and are all the same species. For an example of what they look like see here.

If you're interested in taking part and doing a page, contact me either by commenting or sending me a PM (here or on FA).