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Grumble, grumble, draw, draw.


Bored of this place
Would you like to try drawing my fursona? I don't have any decent references, and I could really use one.

You could look at my avatar and my bio if you need to.

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
Can you draw me working in a garden? With a sun hat and overalls with a white t shirt underneath it. With dirt on the knees.


M-hm, mostly get those on my DA account. So ask away.
White haired, blue-eyed young (early teens) catgirl with white ears, fluffy white tail, and a Glasgow smile like in my avatar. It's a cut on both sides of the mouth, so kinda like an elongated/exaggerated smile. Can have stitches or no, up to you.

Sorry I don't have a ref pic. If you want I could sketch something in return, but I'm not a great artist.


Ya boy
Ooh! If you're feeling creative could you try out a coyote? It'd be anthro, of course, but unfortunately I have no reference material to provide you with.


:3 i luv you
:3 i have a pretty challenging request if you would, i have no furry avatar/ or sig or pics that suit what i am :3 could you do this for me? (so i need all 3 but it'd be alot of work so could you do my avatar for now?)
a jackalope about the size of a wolf, with cats eyes (preferably purple eyes) with long body ish length ears with a couple peirceings (just standard silver rings) and maybes a sage/ or white jacket (prolly one from naruto) and maybe some white hair on the top of his head :3
its prolly gunna be grey / darkish for the normal back furr and lighter on the belly
and black paws :3
think u'd be able to do that? and the antlers just a light brown or bone colour :3
and he would be standing up on a cliff and the backround would be the ocean and maybe a burning boat or two in the distance ( and thinking about a shotgun on his back :3 and maybe goggles with tinted lens's w/e colour u think best)

name Bunzi
Pose standing ( or what you think is best)
and backround the ocean (srry its a big request:3) srry :3 if this is made it will be my fursona :) but as it stands i have none yet