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Time Lord trainee
I have difficult challenges for you to do.

In the vanilla game:

1. land a helicopter on a blimp and blow it up with a sticky bomb without dying. Parachutes and armour allowed.

2. Find the nudist camp and take pictures of the campers without dying. Armour allowed.

3. (Not sure if it's possible) Get Trevor back with Patricia If you can. Mod or cheat if you have to.


I play on xbox one, but my internet is down for a few months, maybe a year. Than I discovered Saints Row 2.


Gta 5 is one of my most played games to date. I even have a partner who I play with and we dress alike, and utterly destroy people, (If they mess with us of course). But yeah, I do play it. I'm setting up my own casino heist, (after about....a couple months), and it's only my partner and I. We either play for fun, serious business, or Japanese style revenge on people. Either way, I definitely play it.


Off the bench
Played nothing but missions for two hours and it failed to get interesting. I played saint's row for only a few minutes and already I'm hooked.

It's not that I don't like GTA v, it's fun to watch people like Vanoss or Corey coyote play, it's just that the game's story and how it handles things is utter shit to me.

Sorry to anyone who loves the story or whatever. I'm just not a GTA guy... I would be playing online but all servers are full of people who would don't want to be your friend and would rather kill ya for a quick laugh...