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Guess What the Person is Like by Thier Sona


Loveable Husky Noob
I'm intrigued, guess what you can about me please


Loveable Husky Noob

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You played with Imaginext toys as a child, and you liked adventure cartoons more than anything! You are silly most of the time, but if someone needs you to take something seriously, you don't hesitate. Your best school subject is English, consistently, with history as a close second. You are able to memorize facts with ease, no matter what the subject. You enjoy going to zoos, aquariums, and theme parks, and you'd love it if someone threw you a surprise party at one of these locations. You're also a beast at putt-putt golf. Most of your friends like you because you're very funny and clever, and you give undying loyalty to your closest and most trusted companions. You either already have, or deeply want a dog, preferably big and fluffy. Your favourite smell is the paper in the binding of a book. Reading may be one of your greatest passions, and you have considered becoming an author some day.

Sorry for the late response but I had a lot of shit to deal with the past 2 weeks. Anyway...

I never had an Imaginext toy as a child. Yes, adventure cartoons were indeed my favorite. Also true - I am only serious when I deem the matter important. My best school subject was English but History was one of my worst, I was always horrible at memorizing specifics suchs as names and dates and events. I used to love going to the zoo as a kid, but I haven't been to one in ages.
Reading was one of my favorite things when I was a kid but school ruined it for me. And I did want to become an author, in fact I have 4 books/novels planned but I find it difficult to express my thoughts in words.