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Would you actually like to talk about Family Guy?

  • lolololololo no

    Votes: 13 25.5%
  • Not really...

    Votes: 19 37.3%
  • I wouldn't mind.

    Votes: 15 29.4%
  • YES

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Okay, I watched an episode of... Family Guy-- but hear me out!
I was actually surprised.

Brian, the dog, was dating an older (human) woman, but was getting a lot of crap about her age from his family. He stuck with her because she was smart/ funny etc. and had some valid comments about society being stupid about certain topics.
They broke up because he cheated on her and confessed, not the easy-ending of her being senile or whatever.

This is from a show that's normally all "heheheh fart" and interchangeble cutaway jokes, so I was actually impressed.


So do you have anything similar to share? Something you've had low expectations for suddenly wowing you? EH?


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i got bored of family guy awhile ago due to its neverending stupidity and mindless plot tactics, it was funny for awhile but now it's crap imo


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The only real funny yet smart thing about Family Guy is that it's the most liberal show on all of the FOX networks.

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I dont mind the show. Watch it sometimes not very often.
It one of those things dont mind to watch cause its there, but wouldnt miss it if it wasent.
It does have a few good moments, and a few good eposides.


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Fuh guh.

I watch it occasionally, but it never managed to impress me much.


I find family gut to be hit and miss. Some of it is really funny, while some of it isn't at all, and the jokes either go to far or just suck.

I do love the firetruck wildlife documentary part though


I watched family guy a few times many years ago before I'd even heard of it, and I thought it was funny. Now everyone says it's shit.

Did it used to be funny once upon a time or do I just have a really bad sense of humor?


Oops, sorry.

So do you have anything similar to share? Something you've had low expectations for suddenly wowing you? EH?

I do not.


Unless I'm wrong, I recall watching that episode years ago back when Family Guy still had some funny parts.


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That was an epic moment in family guy. It does have it's moments sometimes 8V


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I love the tiny little nature/racial blurbs they randomly have. Like "DAMN NATURE! YOU SCARY!" on BET. I laughed.

Anything "wowing" me? Nah, I pretty much go in with a good view of what to expect with things.


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I still love Family Guy :3 I have all the seasons on DVD

As to the topic, some 40 year old I met on WoW hits on me now and then. I think she has a kink for younger guys or something, she can be pretty sexually...aggressive.

But I haven't had anything actually like that episode of Family Guy happen to me.


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Aside from the reusing jokes or occasionally blatantly stealing one from the internet (especially season 3) and Seth MacFarlane using Brian as his personal soapbox, I don't have anything bad to say about Family Guy. It's still pretty entertaining. I think it's just cool to hate it now.

Futurama is much better for impressively touching moments, though.


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I have a feeling this tread will be victim to shitposting.

(Transforms into a car) Rum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum.