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Guilt tripping for art: Do your "friends" do it?


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I mean have you had crap like this happen to you before?


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I usually draw stuff for my friends, then guilt-trip them into saying it's good.


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Good lord. Guilt trippers.

Wow... reminds me a friend who only came over to say hi when she needed money. :rolleyes:
Ugh, don't feel bad for someone guilt tripping you. They'll end up extorting everything they can out of you until they move on to another target.
Yeah, you talked about that a couple of months ago. Despicable behaviour.

How someone can stoop so low is beyond my understanding.


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i used to get that in school all the time. Not so much now, though i HAVE gotten guilt-tripped a couple of times for my writings.

"Duuuude, you gotta get back to writing for my D&D campaign! i needja, man!"


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I've had a few run-ins with the sorts of people that imply they might self harm for the sake of leverage, but never over art stuff. It's pretty crazy.

People badgering me for art have always gone with the compliment/guilt trip sandwich - "I can't even draw a circle! You draw good. Man, if I could draw like you, I'd draw [thing]! I'm sad that I can't draw [thing]. I bet you could draw [thing] really easily!"


NEVER do this to artist friends - if someone is doing this to you then you need to drop them fast because this is really really gross.
You don't deserve to be guilt tripped over someone else wanting you for what you can give them - especially when using things like their mental health, bad life situations and stuff like that against you. This is really disgusting behaviour...


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my fans are all drama-rai so the guilt trip is strong with them. to be fair i hardly ever finish anything i start but they will literally pester me about it from the minute i mention i might feel like doing it one day until the damned thing is done. i've had people saying they're gonna break up with their boyfriend because i wont finish making a game or if i don't do it they'll name their first born child fart. people are weird.


LOL I've never got any obvious messages like that, but I have known people who only pretend to like me in hopes of getting free art, then give up, unwatch me (on DA etc) and then trash talk me when they realize I don't give out art like candy just because you said you like my work.


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No my friends would never do that. If they want some art, they pay me for it (usually with a dinner).
But I have had some strangers trying to guilt trip me. "My friend is in the hospital/ got 1 month left to live. Draw our characters.".
I'm glad it's strangers. Then I can just laugh and block them :D


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Nope, has never happened to me, because I don't do art. I write, and it might actually be sort of flattering to be guilt-tripped for a request, at this point, seeing as it's not very popular, to be a fury writer, vs. an artist.

Maybe I can guilt-trip someone into guilt tripping me into writing something for them : P


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I love to write but I'm dyslexic and can't read what I've written very well. I have to get people to proof read my writing before I publish it. It's a shame because I love stories but I have to have them read out to me. I can read myself but not large chunks of text.