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Gun drawing dump (Share your stuff)

Maximus B. Panda

The Red Menace
(Watch this thread get taken down with the reason being about illegal activities LOL)

Draw a gun. Any type of gun.

Ignore all the idiotic tactical operator wannabes, jarheads, and people who think they are gun professionals. Ignore what meaningless garbage they have to say about guns and how they work, make the gun however you want it to be, even if it isn't realistic and wouldn't work in real life. Draw whatever gun you want, as long as it is not some overrated or stupid generic AR rifle (I hate AR rifles). Also, no talking about politics or activism or whatever, this is just about guns alone.

Well whatever, that's the idea of this thread. Let's see where it goes.....

(Warranty: By submitting a comment on this thread, you are agreeing to be open to criticism. I will go easy on most people....hehehe. Seriously though, don't bother if you are overly sensitive and too serious. This is supposed to be a fun thread.)