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Hai guys!


What's up everyone? I'm Dee. I'm pretty new to the furry fandom and this site. I mean, I'd seen anthros just about everywhere on Chicken Smoothie and deviantArt, but only within this past year did I actually get into anthros. I'm looking forward to hopefully make new friends on this site and see where this fandom takes me. xD


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Welcome Dee hope you find new friends and experiences here. Also anthros are everywhere even in cultures. Well I wish the best to you and have a lovely night later.


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Welcome to the forums and to the fandom, Darth-Dukes!
I'm pretty much looking forward to make new friends too, so you can hit me here or on Skype anytime you want!
I hope you'll enjoy your stay. C:


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How now, patchy cow?

Being new to a fandom has it's perks. For one thing you don't have any expectations so it's not like you'll be disappointed, and you have a chance to check out our weird, wild, and wonderful world of winsome wacky wagtails.

Dee-lighted to have you. :)