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Hai There =D


Hello all, newbie here kinda to everything. Found out what a furry was couple months ago and kinda lurking since. Just now deciding to make an account after realizing that i am in fact a furry =^_^=.

Kind of a side note but how does one obtain a collar without your parents knowing (I'm 16 no license) along with a tail?

I also suck at drawing T_T

-Thanks for tolerating (or not) my newbiness
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Feeling Loki with it.


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Welcome to FAF! :3

offtopic: quayza love the new avatar.


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Welcome to FAF! As for you collar situation, if you have a pet you can claim its a new collar for them and buy one I guess lol. I've never had one though.

Catilda Lily

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hello and welcome :3
you can get a collar at walmart or a pet store.