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(Commission) Selling: Half off Next Three Commissions ($10-$30)


So, as it stands, I need to make some quick money and build my portfolio up. Right now I'm going to offer 50% my next three commissions of fully painted/colored anything. All genders and species welcome.

My pricing is as follows:

Busts - $20 (Only $10 with discount)

Hip-Up - $40 (Only $20 with discount)

Full Body - $60 (Only $30 with discount)

**Adding an extra character will add 50% of the new price, maximum two characters. (For example, a full body of two characters with the discount is $45 total, $30 + $15.)
**Particularly complex characters also may require an additional fee just due to the amount of time it would take to render. This will be discussed well before payment and fairly negotiated.

View My Examples Here (NSFW Content)

Artist T.O.S Here

I will do SFW and NSFW. I have very few things I won't do, check the T.O.S.

Slots Available for Sale Price:
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open​