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New Member
Hi, my name is Keyboard, I'm an 18-year-old domestic cat from North Texas, USA.

I've been interested in furry since 2015, but for the past year or so I've been trying to get more invested in the fandom.

Some of my hobbies are tournament Scrabble, table tennis, and especially music (you can check me out or add me here: Profile: keyboard - Rate Your Music).

I'm currently attending university as a Spanish major, maybe to be a Spanish<->English interpreter or translator but who knows!

*****I'm looking to get a ref done of my sona and also some help in expanding its design, message me if you're willing to work with me on that :3*****

Looking forward to making some new friends here!~


Queen of Laziness
Hi, fren! Welcome to the forum, and the community!

If you want to have a reference sheet done, you can go to the Art Sales and Auctions section of the forum, where you can purchase one! Ref sheets aren't often done as requests, but if you want to see if artists are willing to make one for free, head to the Art Exchange and Trades section! You can try your luck there.

I hope you have a fun time, and good luck on your studies~ Feel free to PM me if you want a friend or someone to answer questions for you, I'm always happy to help!


Bienvenido a la comunidad y al foro :)
Hope you have a great time in here.

I recommend you check out the Art Sales section if you want to commission a reference sheet, there's a lot of cool artists in here, I'm sure you'll find a style of your liking.
Also, be sure to stop by Forum Games, there's a lot of fun and chill people in there.


Definitely not a lizard
Hi hi!
Welcome here!
I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)