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Halloween art request!


Lovable Dorky Werewolf
Everyone is doing Halloween commissions and I love them all so much but I can't afford any of it ugh. Would anyone be willing to do a lil Halloween-themed piece for me?

It'd be of my werewolf guy here: www.furaffinity.net: Alex Reference Sheet by featherw0lf

Obviously in a more werewolf-y style. You can do whatever you want with him so long as it's Halloween related. You could do something cute where he's wearing bunny ears or something similar while holding a lil pumpkin candy basket (probably looking annoyed), something more on the scary side where he looks all scary (glowing eyes and an evil smirk would be cool), or something more him like wearing the ripped remains of s costume because he shifted while wearing it. If you want you can include his best friend Nathan too. It's up to you! I'm just really in the mood for a nice Halloween piece.

Thanks for reading! :D