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Halloween Deals!

Should I do a bunch of chibis with giant food based YCH's?

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Commission Artist
Doing some nice cheap art for Halloween!
Two specials, a good few YCH pieces coming in the next day or two, and a couple of halloween adopts available.
For this post, were focusing on the Specials!

More deets here: www.furaffinity.net: Halloween Sketch/Greyshade Deal! CHEAP coms! by ModifiedRabbit

The main one being the sketch or grey shade special!
Both of the commissioned pieces, shown here, belong to Bethany Sandberg (FB)!
She took advantage of my grey shade deal I have going for Halloween! IT ENDS MONDAY!
Only $20USD for a full body grey shade piece of your sona/you in any costume you choose, and up to one prop! Only $10USD for a finished sketch with the same options!
***Sketch in the example isnt as nicely scanned as yours will be since i had to draw lightly on mine, in order to use it for the greyshade example as well. You can find normal quality scans for sketches in my FA or the YCH slot sample below!***

(Hats dont count as props but staves and other similar objects do.)
Feel free to message me, on FA, if interested in snagging a spot!
Userpage of modifiedrabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

There is no slot limit. Just an end date to the deal and the money goes towards a giveaway of not only art, but merch with my art and such on it, on my Modified Rabbit FB art page! <3
Modified Rabbit | Facebook

(If i get enough orders, ill be holding the giveaway shortly after this deal ends.)
*Art by me and Modified Rabbit OC belongs to me. Sonas in the two finished commissions belongs to Bethany so please dont use this art unless you are the owner of the sona.*

The other halloween special I have going can be found here:
www.furaffinity.net: Halloween King/Queen YCH - 5 Slots by ModifiedRabbit

Finished and full color!