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(Commission) Selling: ($100+) Halloween Dragon YCH Auction!


Halloween is coming and I would love to make another illustration from this occasion.
But it will be more fun if I'll draw Your Character Here!

SB: 90 USD
AB: 350 USD

It will be high quality artwork painted like one of those:

Auction is hosted via FurAffinity and DeviantArt, but if you don't have account on those sites you can bid here!
-> Bid on FurAffinity
-> Bid on Deviantart
-> Or just reply here to bid :)

Before you decide to bid, read the >>>RULES<<< please!
In brief:
★ Payment via PayPal.
★ SWF only!
★ Dragon character only (or similar to the one in the sketch).
★ Can have scales, fur, double wings, some small accessories (I'll fit to your design).
★ You'll receive full quality artwork, size about 3000x2500px, 300dpi, png.
★ In case of Autobuy I can draw one extra character, so you can have two characters walking next to each other in the spooky moonlight. Size of artwork can be also bigger to fit. :)

Before I start drawing, the winner will receive a sketch of their character adapted to the YCH, to be sure that I illustrate everything correctly ;)

I would like to finish this illustration BEFORE Halloween so that the winner can decide if he wants to post it directly on Halloween or before :)
To finish this before October 31st I have to start drawing a lot earlier, so I set an auction deadline:

AUCTION END: September 20.

After this date, I'll have at least one month to finish the illustration and the winner will receive it on time (before October 31) :)

Hope that everything is clear!
Write to me if you have any questions or doubts, I'm open for discussion :p