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Monti Columba

New Member
Hey again, I wanted to mention that i was offering watercolor painted badges. Theyre about 5.5 inches tall, painted on watercolor paper (cold press i believe). and laminated. I also have some very fine glitter spray i can put on the artwork before laminating for some extra sparkle.
I am offering the following shipped from the United States:
- Headshot badges of your character - $15 www.furaffinity.net: Watercolor Badges - $15 by monticolumba
- Halloween jackolantern badges - $18 www.furaffinity.net: Halloween Badges - $18 by monticolumba
- Halloween couple in jackolantern badges - $20 www.furaffinity.net: Halloween Couples Badge - $20 by monticolumba
All US orders get free shipping, international orders need to add $7 to their total.