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Hello Sweethearts! :3

Halloween is right around the corner, it's getting cold and scary.

All Halloween/Scary/Dark themed commissions get 20% discount.
- SFW and NSFW allowed
- no detailed background this time, only flat BG (transparent/textured) or simple BG/(bigger) props
- smaller props are free

Sale Prices:

Flat colored: 24€ / 27$
Full color (SFW): 40€ / 45$
Full color (NSFW): 48€ / 54$

Simple BG/(bigger) props: 20€ / 23$

Please visit this link for my regular prices.

There's no slot limit for now. :) However, if I feel there are too many commission requests or time is running out I will stop accepting these type of Commissions.
My usual ToS apply.

All Halloween commissions will be finished before Halloween, so it's first come first served.

To claim a slot please contact me by sending a Note (FA Forum, FA or Deviantart are fine) or write a comment under this thread, thanks! <3