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I scared the shit out of a small child when I moved to my new neighborhood (I was a "headless horseman" and carried around a lit pumpkin as a "head"). No one ever came to trick or treat at my house ever again. :C

So now I volunteer at a haunted hayride and continue to scare the shit of of small children as a werewolf. It's the little things in life, isn't it? :D

Judge Spear

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I don't like holidays. I only draw a sexy yet boundary pushing monster girl for Halloween and post it on Facebook. Somehow candy still gets to me though. I don't get it...


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Trick or treaters have stopped coming to my house since I gave them fruit a few years back.
I love the atmosphere and time of year.

We don't celebrate halloween 'round these parts, sonny.

It's funny because the tradition was originally celtic, so native to brythonic peoples.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
That is an unspeakable act. You should've been escorted to the gallows IMMEDIATELY.

;^; I'm undermining the conspiracy by dentists to harvest children's teeth for witchcraft.

Also, this only applies to the UK, but bonfire night is soon after halloween. I live near a school that hosts a massive firework show, so I can see it from my house for free! C:
I used to go to that school so I have incredibly fond childhood memories of this entire time of year, I used to go as a jaguar for halloween until the costume stopped fitting. :c


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Since I got older I kind of lost interest in it a little, but I still like decorating my house,roasting and eating pumpkin seeds, CANDY!, and wathcing marathons of horror films.
Gonna be blasting some dark ambient in my living room. Should be more fitting than the Rob Zombie I was blasting last year.

Like always, I'm going to stay in my house, eating the candy I'm supposed to be giving out and jacking off. Maybe to some BDSM shit. I don't know, to get that Halloween sort of feel. Living the dream.

M. LeRenard

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I've always loved the Autumn atmosphere, when the weather cools down just enough to be comfortable in a jacket, and the trees all change colors. It's gotten so much better since I moved to Ohio; Nebraska still has Autumn, but in the west where I lived it wasn't anything special. Here, though, it's so nice... lots of rain and cloudy days, and the forest just explodes with reds and yellows and oranges and browns. And the squash are coming into season, and apples are in season here now too, so I can do things like make butternut squash soup or baked yams or baked apples with brown sugar and cinnamon. I miss that during the summer when I can't turn the damn oven on because it's already 89 degrees in my apartment even with the air conditioner going full blast.
I guess all that's my substitute for costuming and getting candy, now that I'm too old for that stuff. I'd give out candy, but I live on the third floor of an apartment, so nobody comes by.
Oh, and yes, watching shitty old horror movies is always a great thing to do too. Drink beer, eat roasted pumpkin seeds, and either watch stupid shit like Child's Play or maybe some old black and white classics. Everyone loves that.

Xeras'na Bladewing

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I stopped trick-or-treating 5 years ago, and started going to Halloween parties instead. I love the holiday, it's my favorite of the year.

I always play dark games more often around that time of year, and watch more horror movies then normal. Think I'll watch all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, including the new one, all in a marathon this year as well.

Echo Wolf

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What I like to see the most in the Halloween season is probably the lack of Christmas everything. Once November comes around that shit is everywhere; guess they completely forget about Thanksgiving. Halloween is definitely one of my favorite favorite Pagan/ Christian cluster fucks of a holiday. I usually find something to do on the holiday itself and then the day after I go the the stores and buy a lot of marked down candy.


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My friends throwing a costume party this but I have no idea what I'm going as.


I loooove holloween. :D I get to see the little skanks get busted at school. This year I'm going as a Fem! Sherlock. :3c


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I love the aesthetic, the partying, the walking around, all of it.
Anticipating my next paycheck to go hit up some Halloween stores. I want to find some nice spider web pattern lace, and maybe make a flowy blouse out of it.


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I'm pretty apathetic when it comes to every holiday; Halloween is no exception. I'll stay at home, turn the lights off so the trick-or-treaters think I'm away, and maybe play video games.


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Gonna be blasting some dark ambient in my living room. Should be more fitting than the Rob Zombie I was blasting last year.

Like always, I'm going to stay in my house, eating the candy I'm supposed to be giving out and jacking off. Maybe to some BDSM shit. I don't know, to get that Halloween sort of feel. Living the dream.
If I may be so presumptuous, I believe I may be able to assist you in furthering your ends for dark ambient music that is...a few steps above Rob Zombie's rather comical music.

As for Halloween, I love the season. Everything about it I love, and I adore seeing other people express what their dark ideas. I love playing Gothic music loudly all month, dressing up, and all of the dark things everywhere. Monsters are always relevant. The movies, you name it. I love it all. I especially love handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and showing off my costumes (Which I put quite a lot of effort into every year).

A couple of years ago I went as an infected Plague Doctor, and last year I went as a male Gorgon. It may not look it, but establishing so many snakes to come from under a hood and stay that way is a challenge. So is not ruining the makeup.

This year I will be going as a Scarecrow heavily inspired by this song. (I heavily recommend you check this link out, Saliva)


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I know it's been done, but since I'm going to an over-21-only costume party, I'm probably going as hentai. (Link safe for work, believe it or not).


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Halloween in my area is only for the ages of 12 and below. Any other age will get you arrested. Stupid Virginia laws. >.>

I dress up for work and this year I'll be wearing a berserker wolf pelt (if not Ezio again with new armor) and afterwards, drink and listen to music like this because Trick or treaters do not come to my neighborhood...Or if the local Goth club isn't closed, go there and hang out with a few friends.
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Virginia laws be damned I'm going to dress up. I earned the right to seclude my identity from society for a day.


Probably gona go fursuiting with some of the local Colorado furs and hand out candy to kids, if I have it off, sadly it is a Wednesday and the last one of the month, which means it's inventory night!!!! LOVE MY FUCKING JOB!


Probably taking my sister out trick or treating and walking around my school in a tail like I do every halloween.

Butters Shikkon

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Oh, my fav holiday!!! It's in the perfect place in Autumn. Just far enough to be cool before it gets absolutely frigid (atleast where I'm at anyway).

I love the creativity this holiday brings. Kids picking out costumes (I encountered a mother buying a daughter of yeti outfit for her daughter and that made my day), stores and houses are decorated, and what's really cute is all those Halloween toys you see in commercials for fastfood places. I remember that the chicken Nuggets dressed as TrickorTreaters were a huge part of my early childhood and I used to collect those Simpsons Halloween Toys that BurgerKing would give out. It's so much fun seeing how those places mix cute with creepy. X3

I hope my workplace gets to run its festival this year. I always seem to work on Halloween so its my only chance to see the little ghouls and hobgoblins of this generation get candy and marvel at the holiday like I used to.


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The past two years I've worked at Six Flags Frightfest, getting paid to scare people was freaking awesome! Sadly I can't do it this year, but I still have the mask so I'll be improvising (Plus I'll go back to the park and scare for free) X3