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Hammer in my hand


The Bestial Philosopher
Ima new.
I've been at this for a while, but my interest in art has only recently come back, and I'm getting better results than I used to... so here I am.

A bit about me:
I just like to relax and do my own thing, and a lot of cool ideas come to me... and leave just as quickly.
I'm more than open to talking and making new friends, but I dislike the inherent disconnectivity of the internet.
I love my mate. She is absolutely awesome... isn't furry, but she gets it.

Cheers! :)

Also - just in case someone knows - looking for the best way to ink pencil drawings. My hands are not steady :|
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Only a Book Smart Nerd
Welcome to the forums,...wolf!


New Member
welcome to FA
feel free to be crazy:cool:


The Bestial Philosopher
I hope so too.

Thanks everyone for the greetings, and hopefully I'll have something besides scraps to show in my gallery eventually.

south syde dobe

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Welcome to da forums, just relax and have a good time :3