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twitter: @postponedmovies

fur affinity: skyphile

discord: somniari#9496

ko-fi: storysanctum

patreon: StorySanctum

this is where i draw any character(s) you’d like, of any genders and species, including humans, in poses, outfits, interactions and backgrounds you pick!

all i need is visual references or written descriptions. the turnaround time for these is at most one week, but i will give you a more accurate estimate at the time of purchase

with these you get:
  • a fully digital illustration

  • an icon cropped from the illustration

  • the option of a physical print of your illustration

the base prices for these are (all in USD):
  • sketches - $7

  • lineart - $15

  • flat colours - $25

  • fully shaded - $30

  • reference sheets - $70


  • additional characters

  • complex designs

  • complex interactions

  • nsfw elements

  • fetish/kink art (i will let you know if i am able to draw it)

  • the detail of the background

  • rush charge

  • shipping charges if you want a physical print/stickers/etc.

i will NOT draw any nsfw situations for commissioners who are minors

i will NOT draw any nsfw situations that are sexually violent, based on harmful stereotypes, or anything that is NOT fully consensual

do NOT ask me to draw any sexual interactions/fetish art featuring characters who are minors, i will block you

do NOT ask me to draw any romantic/sexual interactions between characters who are related, or adults with minors, i will block you

when you contact me, i will ask what you have in mind for your commission, and give you an accurate price and turnaround estimate based on the above elements. if you are unsure about any elements, i can offer suggestions!

you can either give me the full payment upfront, or at least half upfront and then the rest when the work is finished. i use paypal in usd only! no refunds after the work is complete

i will show you progress shots throughout the entire process! i will make revisions at the sketch/lining stage, and minor corrections in the colouring stages

i will send you the high-res file when i am finished, and any physical prints in the mail upon receiving shipping charges

thank you so much!

please check this google doc for more info and example art!
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