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Handpaw Pawpads?

I have made a couple pairs of paw-less handpaws, and since I would like to improve the general appearance of my handpaws and offer pawpads as an option to commissioners, I was wondering if anybody has any tips on sewing on pawpads to handpaws? I plan on using vinyl, and maybe fleece, as the material for my pawpads and need to know if there is a good way to sew the material to the handpaw. I don't have a sewing machine with me currently, so I was thinking I could hand sew it on, but I don't want to try and then mess up the handpaw. Tutorials would be great, I just haven't been able to find any. Thanks :)


More Metal Than You !!!
with mine, I did a straight stitch to initially secure the pads, then finished with a tight blanket stitch.