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Happy Belated 7th Birthday, Furaffinity!


Funny how FA's birthday is just a day to spotlight incompetence.


I am legion, for we are many.
So is there any news on future stuff?

(Anyone? I mean I would've thought that it would've been announced but it can't hurt to ask)

There's some codebase rewrites going on. I think one of them is live right now, saving a quite significant amount of processing time on gallery pages.
But that's as much as I think I can tell you / know right now.

Kellie Gator

Moral Minority
7 millions submissions? That means FA is as overpopulated as the earth!

Also, this means that I've been in the fandom for as long as FA has. Freaky.


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Last thing I need is someone new who likely doesn't know jack about administration/moderation on the team.


I'm going to move this to Den.
This is the worst possible insult.
This one? Indirectly; I saw the thread on lulz initially. I'm surprised no one else had made a thread already, e.g. Accountability. I thought he'd be right on it.
Yes that one. To the best of my knowledge Accountability is Conan, so in a way he was right on it.

Also, I'd like to complain about the new banner. It's fucking obscene.


thats 6.5million submissions of 25inch dragon dicks and fox girls with tits with enough mass to have their own gravitational field.