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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

For today our great country is 139[size=xx-small]*[/size] years old!

*throws red and white confetti shaped like maple leaves*

*gives everyone a hug!*

[size=xx-small]*Correct me if I'm wrong, please @6.=.6@[/size]


*coughs* Umm.. Happy Canada's birthday! o.o *hugs back even though he is American* Ours is coming up soon enough 8D Anyway, YAAAAAY! *bakes Canada Day cookies and hands them out to everybody*

Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
Happy Canada Day! ^^ You're right, Necrosis; the United States' Independence Day is in three days. :p


Im so fucking wasted right now it's not even funny.
Wolf-Bone said:
Im so fucking wasted right now it's not even funny.

That is the best way to celebrate a nations birthday - alcohol! I knew there was a reason Australia day was in January...ice cold beer!

Have a good one all you Canadians!
Happy happy everyone!!!

Woooo, stat pay for me! :p


It sucks having to go job-hunting on Canada Day, especially downtown. Everyone on the bus and on the streets is drunk and yelling profanities at each other, not just the usual crowd around the homeless shelter. -_- I need a beer, lol.