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Happy furry day!


bang your head.
yes a day to celebrate furries and I am serious it is a official holiday so happy furry day everyone.


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Weee! Another great official holiday!

*dance on his back paws*

Free pastries and yiffing for everyone!

Btw: John Locke-Day is still greater.


Grim's Delicate Flower
Yeah...8th of may is a good day for this.
From now on I will celebrate this day every year.
But we need something special to do on this day.

Like on John Locke day (which is officialy on the 3th of may...why? Because I said so!),
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Isn't Furry Friday enough for you guys?


Grim's Delicate Flower
I think shouting out everywhere that it's furry day, is enough for the start.
(Like I did in the Furry-Fandom Section, where I am the moderator, in a small Forum)


bang your head.
you can do really whatever you want I found it on my calendar of strange holidays


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No, this should not go three days after Cinco de Mayo. Bad idea. Every furry will be incapacitated for the whole week due to drinking too much.


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2) Not for another day it's not, though.
3) SHIT I KNEW THIS. I have this calender with like, obscure English or something, and May 8th is indeed Furry Day; I just forgot all about it.

It means something completely different, but the overall theme is PARTY.


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Denied. It's taken by I'm-popular-because-I-get-high-Day

Adelio Altomar

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How about somewhere in the Fall? Halloween and such! OH!!!!

How about the 6th of October!!!

But seriously, isn't everyday furry for us?
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i like pot holiday better.