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Happy Holidays! Free Copy Of Civilization 4 To The First Person To Reply


Arcade Snowmew Of Doom
Here's the deal, in the summer Civ5 DLC came out, and right after was the summer sale where Valve accidently SUPER discounted the DLC when it shouldn't have been. To people like me, who paid full price like the day before, they gave us a free copy of Civ4 because... If I have Civ5 I should really want a copy of Civ4? I dunno. Anyway, it has sat in my inventory since then and I have the ability to gift it. I'm not going to use it so the first person who posts their steam username in this thread can have it. But please, PLEASE, only reply if you ACTUALLY want to play the game. It should go to someone who will PLAY it after all.