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Happy Holidays! New Year Resolutions


Princess Bunny ♥
I wish you the best! Spend time with family, pets and get some rest from work/studies or whatever!

About the new year resolutions? Here some of mine:
  • I will never leave clothes in the washing mashine from the morning until next day... (yes, I always forget...)
  • I will create a princess bunny chapter every 3 months.
  • I will publish 2 phisical formats per year: one will always be princess bunny chapters, the other will be some other projects.

Those are the most important ones. What are yours? ^^


Purveyor of cookies
1. Get out more and explore the world
2. Go to a furry con
3. Start waking up at 6:00-ish.
4. ”never leave clothes in the washing mashine from the morning until next day...“ - stealing it. I think this is the biggest blocker to reaching true happiness ;w;. But seriously I like having clothes that don’t have that smell.


1. Less anxiety/panic, depression, stress, and better sleep.
2. Improved healthcare insurance that got delayed in my state due to budget issues.
3. Changes in attitude from myself, the people around me, and improved mental and physical health, and overall well-being.
4. Improvements financially, so I can live worry-free.
5. A less divisive and argumentative atmosphere in my family, relatives, friends, and the people around me over ideological disagreements, hoping things will become more positive next year globally, and those, especially within my family will get their holiday spirits back.
6. Wishing the best of/for everything; let the new decade be one of resilience.


Active Member
Mine are pretty minor, but I've been in a creative/project slump for a long time now.
  • Program outside of work on something I want to commit personal time to.
  • Finish writing character backstories and attempt to world build.
  • Get 1 to 2 Cisco certifications that will help my career.
  • Being more social online. Part of why I just created this account.

Happy new year, everyone!


Spongefrog Bluepants
  • Finish that frogdamn furry music album (seriously I just keep promising ;p)
  • Draw lots of art and possibly start some sort of #fursonafriday thing featuring Guifrog
  • Dive deeper and deeper into translation and work harder on my Japanese
  • Reorganize my financial paperwork (open a new bank account, close another, quit spending money on some unnecessary services etc)
Also planning on a new frog mask for my second con ever!

Firuthi Dragovic

Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner
  1. Stabilize my life. Get myself to a point where I start thinking about my financial future (hey, I have an increasingly uncommon shot at saving money for retirement, I might as well use it).
  2. Work more on art, writing, and possibly even music. That includes 3D modeling.
  3. Actually work on my fursuit (which I left untouched for a while and plan to have a change of materials from my original plan).
  4. Finally start working on losing the 60-100 extra pounds that have haunted me for about 13 years now. I want to do this without resorting to an expensive diet plan like I tried last year.
  5. Figure out my actual orientation and keep my family in the loop about it - and the pitfalls I might experience from it.
  6. Start dating, even if it has to be a little more long-distance than I'd like.


Lady of the lake
Keep my weight stable and never turn into a living blimp ever again.
I also wanna do more for myself. Treat myself a little too things that make life a little more cozy.


Resolution... None
I've got enough stuff drilling my head constantly already
If I ever have a resolution it will be simple and possible to grant
Problem is, that takes all the new years that are yet to come straight to hell


I'm still trying to think of mine. I like doing things where I challenge myself psychologically, but I hate having non-specific goals like "improve myself" because it just tends to get forgotten about. Last year it was to push myself into streaming, so this year maybe something equally as terrifying. I posted in another thread about a Discord I'm too scared to post in, maybe I try to do that. I guess if I can't come up with anything better I'll do that.

Oh, and get back on track on my diet. I was doing pretty decently this year just off of making some better food choices (without anything drastic mind you), but I fell off of it the last couple months, the holidays only partially to blame for it. I think I had ended up losing around 10-15 pounds in a few months, which isn't a ton, but with a lot of other things considered... I'll take my small wins where I can get them. I've not gained all of it back, but about 5 pounds of it has come back. If I can manage to actually exercise on top of eating better again there's no reason I can't lose more this year. I'm not setting a specific weight goal, trying to be easy on myself and just lose something, then maybe some other year or even later this year when I feel I can handle the pressure try to set a goal.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
To start the long road of pursuing my personal ambitions.
To spend more time on outdoor activities like surfing.
To find more time for my writing
To find a D&D group.

Ah, when you live in Florida that must be nice!


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
I resolve to eat more eggs, milk and cheese.
I have had a spartan diet for the past few months and I know that I need to put on weight and maintain a balanced diet because I owe it to others to stay healthy.


Proud Feline Warrior
Getting a better job (hopefully one that utilizes my skills now that I'm done with college), improving my skills in general (writing, art, etc.) and going to therapy.
I should probably try to improve my health as well...though I'm not a fan of the typical "weight loss" New Years resolution that's popular...and highly advertised. But I really should get back into eating healthier and exercising so the doctor doesn't get after me. More likely than not she will though. XD