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What Holiday do you celebrate?

  • Hannukah/Chanukah

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  • Kwanzaa

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  • Krampusnacht

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  • Other winter celebratory festival or holiday (please share! :) )

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Happy holidays for YOU
since here we still ain't got no money to afford good gifts, I ain't even talkin 'bout me
I'm talkin 'bout my parents, my cousins, my uncles n aunties, whatever, It's all shitty here in the family
Except the food, its still delicious...sometimes
we're not dirt poor, we are just bellow subsistence levels
Not enough to have a bit of cash for a small kind gesture for Christmas
AND DON'T YOU DARE COMING WITH THE "the gifts don't matter, what matters is the Xmas spirit shared by you among your beloved"
YOU KNOW YOU'RE LYING, it's too damn obvious that the gifts,the food, the technology and the gossip take over any crap you can name on xmas day
Sooooooooooo........in conclusion, these holidays are going to be total SHIT!
School still exists after 2 weeks, I got a semester and a half worth of scram yet to cover up
I got exams, I haven't gotten any lucky lately, 2020, the cure for cancer doesn't exist, TIK TOK exists
energetic renewal? No fam, you're getting only fossil fuels to screw your air quality a lil bit more, just to shut the rich men off and rize a silent amount of people, some scream for better environmental consciences to arise, Guess what...they won't
this world spins around money, greed in general
You can see where I'm going.
now keep having a great day, don't be conscious about everything, or you'll end up like me
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Holidays can be awesome..... especially when the local Gingerbread Man soaks.
I wished to taste some good gingerbread cookies
But I need a recipe
anyone got ideas?


Succumbing to her own psychosis
I usually go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve with the family, when not deployed. If deployed, really depends, but usually morning mass.

Either way, usually end up at a nursing home or soup kitchen for lunch or afternoon. If I have a chance, Secret Santa for local charity.

Been in a few orphanages as well to hand out presents or play.

Firuthi Dragovic

Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner
Secular version of Christmas is more my thing (I was never into the whole "Midnight Mass" thing, my family on my mother's side sometimes is). It's in fact one of a maximum of three days in the year where I'll even consider drinking alcohol (and I set that myself because I know I have no restraint - very specific quantity of alcohol and that's my limit).

I also have to shop for three birthdays this time of year, so gift-giving gets pricey.

This is also the first year where I can seriously consider getting things that are over $100 for my family members but... they kinda don't want anything that pricey. They never have. It seems I'm the one with the consistently largest wants in the family (due to being something of a techie) and I kinda want to stop doing that to them (there's a reason I started building lists of much cheaper items ahead of time). Last Christmas was pretty much a "time with family" focus and I think that's going to be all of them going forward.


My family and I celebrate Christmas, but I'm the black sheep and do it a bit differently. I was raised Christian and hated Christmas. I was 100% the Scrooge of the family, mostly because I hated everyone and everything. #edgy In my adult years I have opted not to participate in the religious parts because my particular beliefs don't align with anything that calls for a specific celebration type, but I enjoy the holiday a lot more despite that. I love being able to give gifts and seeing how happy people are to get them. I love the lights, food, and having an excuse to get together with the fam cuz we don't do that a lot. I'm not much for Christmas music, but I can tolerate it. My mom really likes it so seeing her happy is always a plus.

Nowadays the only things I don't like are related to when Christmas invades too early. This year one store my mom and sister-in-law and I visited a week or so before Halloween they had craptons of Christmas stuff out and only a small section of Halloween stuff... So irritating that it has to take up like 2 full months.

I'm also not thrilled that this year I'm hella poor and was only able to get 1 cheap gift each for the niece and nephew and only thanks to getting some overtime, but nothing for parents or brothers (bros usually don't get me anything either, so it's even at least). So I guess that's another thing I really don't like about the holiday, it's pretty materialistic despite the message. I know my parents don't expect anything from us, but I still feel bad not being able to get them anything because you're "supposed to" and I really do enjoy seeing them enjoy their gifts. ;-;


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I have to say, I can understand the frustration of not being able to buy a bunch of presents. Unfortunately commercialism pretty much took over the holiday.
But I try to overlook it. There's something cheery about putting the lights up, cooking a good meal and being around loved ones. And really, that's what all the winter holidays seem to have in common, or at the very least what they're supposed to be. If we can ignore capitalist culture for a moment and just enjoy the simple things, I think we can enjoy the holidays more. In fact, I think when people first came up with these winter celebrations, it was a way to get together and have a cheerful attitude while dealing with harsh, cold conditions. And for ancient pagan religions it was a celebration of the return of the sun when we've experienced less day light progressively during the fall season. Humans do notice patterns after all, so they would have noticed seasonal patterns.
Sure, I also feel bad if I'm not able to give enough. I think that's partly human nature, we're an altruistic species who enjoys helping and giving to others. It's natural. But there are other ways to give as well, giving time for example, making something, etc.