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Happy new year! I'm new here!


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Heya! I'm Manahasu and I'm mostly a digital artist online! I love drawing cute ladies and fanart for the many video games that I play too much. I'm a big fan of Nintendo, (Pokemon and Animal Crossing mainly), but I play a bunch of other stuff too. Beyond that I like cross stitching, cooking, and I've recently picked up sewing as a hobby of mine. I'm a married homemaker in my real life.

I started here because of this push to get rid of nsfw material on other websites lately. This seemed like a friendly enough, safe place to post my stuff without getting in trouble. I hope that's alright!

Erm...yeah. That's all I really had to say about myself. Nice to meet you all!


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Welcome to the forums! Just remember to keep nsfw stuff on the mainsite ;3 Since we have a lot of minors and SFW furs here.

:D Otherwise jump right in and have fun! We are all very friendly and welcoming.



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Understood! I wouldn't wanna expose that stuff to people who don't wanna see it. Thanks for the reply! :D

Very welcome! Any questions, feel free to stop a fur and ask :D


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Happy new year!
Welcome here! I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)