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Again, for what it's worth I'm so sorry you have been burdened with these people's issues. Any time I've seen someone who I suspect might be a transwoman in a public bathroom, I'm inwardly cheering for her, and this whole hate thing is so utterly asinine. Like... if you accept their implied claim that men are so predatory they'd crossdress and claim to identify as female to get into a women's bathroom, how does that make forcing transwomen to use the men's bathroom ethical? Wouldn't those oh-so-predatory men just opportunistically victimize the transwomen? Y'all aren't some kind of decoy to throw to the (imagined, because obviously the vast majority of men are decent and not going to assault anyone in bathrooms) wolves!

If they want to be hateful, they should keep it in their own heads and not take it out on others who never asked to be involved.

It's not like gender neutral bathrooms aren't better for a horde of reasons anyway - no more "ten person line for the ladies' room and no line for the men's" or vice versa. Any time I see female transphobes bitch about the importance of single-sex spaces, I wonder what makes them feel entitled to speak for all the women (or people they'd file as women, like yours truly) who don't mind. I'm not in the bathroom to socialize or to hide from penises, I'm there to fucking pee!
Yep, just of course either they say we're not women and should go elsewhere or we shouldn't exist full stop.
The problem with bathroom queuing happens same with male bathrooms when there's a lack of urinals. It's because when someone is doing number two, they hold up everyone wanting to do just number one, which is solvable by having urination-only cubicles in the female toilets, e.g. sitting urinal cubicles.
Sometimes putting on makeup or sanitary towels is used as a reason of AMAB having different needs, but a transwoman may wear makeup and a ciswoman may not, while a trans-male or cis-man might even do so. Plenty older and disabled men have some form of ST, too and they take very little time.
Likewise when baby-changing facilities is in the female's bathroom, GCs are suddenly ok when a cis male enters the female bathroom, on the provision that it's "just their father so it's ok". Even if a trans-woman goes in just to change a baby, they can get attacked. They make up their own values and those values are trans-exclusive.
A lot of rather reportedly unattractive GC cis women say that they're afraid of getting targeted by AMAB, which to me points to them having some mental insecurity which they compensate for their poor attractiveness that they are somehow are attractive to predators which is very weird and also gross. To be insinuated you want to be a predator towards someone you're not attracted in terms of gender nor appearance to me is a form of directly personal harassment in itself, especially when they're my mom's age or older. They often mention the idea that "transwomen are men and have male genitals", but not all transwomen have male genitalia, either they had sex surgery or gonad removal, or they are a DSD who is no longer representing as their birth-assigned gender. Secondly, they are relatively ok with trans-male post-op who have phallic genitalia, oddly enough and claim that trans-males should be "sheltered" equally from the male bathroom.