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Haptic, Visual, or Auditory?


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I'm mostly a visual learner, though I have fairly strong auditory learning capabilities as well.


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Strong auditory and medium visual; however to do physical feats I need medium visual and auditory and strong haptic in order to preform that feat.

So for me I can't really take notes in class because it draws away from the auditory part and I can't learn things as well :/


I'm definitely a full auditory learner.

It's pretty much how I learn foreign languages.
Once I hear something with the intent to memorize it , I hardly ever forget it. Games and shows have always been my top means of learning idioms.
For example, when I laid sleepless in bed a few days ago, I recalled individually about 300ish words that I'd heard in shows and teacher podcasts of a new language I took up very recently , as a mean to keep them fresh and bore myself to sleep.

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I learn best by doing it myself, though most of the time I just look at things and learn it.
Differs by subject.

If it's extensive (e.g. science-subjects) or math-related, I have to write it down to remember it (although I might still understand it.)

If it's an art-form, reading/writing won't help, I just need to do it.

If it's historical, sociological, psychological, or philosohpical, I am fine with just auditory.


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Now that I think about it, when I'm really working hard to learn or figure out something, I tend to use all three. Like, I'll talk to myself while I use my hands to "draw" diagrams of what I'm thinking.


mostly visual. try to tell me something without showing me and you might as well be speakin' chinese.


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Haptic and then Visual, you can show me how to do something but until I try to do it myself, I'm going nowhere.


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Depends, but usually haptic. I think tasks are better for haptic, knowledge is auditory, and systems is visual. That's my hypothesis anyway.


Visual, I need to see stuff to understand it.


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99% Haptic... If it is something I am already comfortable with I can expand that knowledge visually but I have too short an attention span to listen and watch.


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I'm going to have to say visual in cooperation with haptic. Auditory is a no go for me. I'm usually either too bored to get half of the stuf or i'm listening so intensely i get stuck analyzing the first thing and completely miss the other five.

I will need a very good visual representation and then do it myself to even begin to understand complicated subjects like math or ... more math. Same with art, i will need many visual representions and lots of practice before i can learn a tehnique or how to create proper lighting.


Mainly visual but also some auditory. I tend to do well watching a video of something and then replicating it, YouTube is the way I've learned all sorts of bizarre thing that I do :p

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Haptic. The formers get me annoyed.


I haven't found an answer yet
What category does rote learning for 14 hours a day come under?

Pretty sure that's visual unless you're talking about practice problem, which is haptic.