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Talk to the person who made it?? If a suit you paid quote a good chunk of cash for, is incomplete, I'd be calling right away.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
I thought only mursuits have harness

I get this funny feeling OP is going to cut open a small hole somewhere :V
Wow, I can't unsee that post! Eye bleach, please!

BTW, Sheba, my Siberian Husky/Makensie Valley Wolf mix needed a custom X Back harness that I ordered. Sheba weighed 160lbs for the record. The harness came from Black Ice but the Bedford family is shutting down the business after 30 years. Most harnesses, the Jumbo Harnesses, top out at 110 lbs or so.

These are just made out of webbing that could be made on a sewing machine if it's just for a fursuit and not for pulling an overweight owner around the neighborhood on skates or a vintage Hobie longboard. Buy the nylon webbing and webbing buckles from Joanne Fabrics, get the Dee rings from Tandy Leather. Use an old butter knife, heated up hot to cut/seal the ends of the webbing to prevent raveling. Or cut the webbing, then use a lighter to heat seal the ends of the webbing.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Sounds like someone is into pet-play. Just get one from the pet store.
Herein lies the problem I just outlined. By the old Black Ice sizing chart, a J4 (Jumbo 4) was for a 110 lb dog. No hoo-man will be able to get that harness on. In fact, Sheba's harness for a 160 lb husky/wolf mix wouldn't fit anyone bigger than a small pre-teen hoo-man.

And no, I'm not into pet play. To satisfy Sheba's need to run, We first used a cheapo harness from Petco but it was too light and didn't really fit. That's when we ordered a harness from Black Ice. I weighed about 250 lbs at the time so towing me around our neighborhood with the slight hills and such needed a proper harness.

Besides, harnesses on huskies is sort of a fashion thing at furcons. Has nothing to do with pet play.