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Has anyone ever experienced these new bugs & exploits being introduced in Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10 from it's updates?

We all know that Windows 10 gets bloated with updates twice every year, but it also breaks a lot of components every time, but mostly rarely.

But on the meat of the topic, almost every time since at least 2018, Windows Media Player continues to break certain features of the program, causing many databased to be corrupted, Audio & Video files not opening, & most of it's functions not even working. It's speculated that Microsoft is poorly maintaining their components being included in Windows 10, & Windows Media Player is no exception. It's speculated that Microsoft doesn't care about Windows Media Player being deprecated or discontinued, or they don't even bother to bug test & fix their Windows 10 updates before release to make sure the components still work. And it's not like Microsoft lost the source code to the Windows 10 version of Windows Media Player 12 or anything, it's badly being broken in some instances.

Microsoft at one point planned to replace Windows Media Player with Groove Music & Movies & TV, but likely gave up on it likely due to PC software & games utilizing it's supposed "Cross-Application Syncing" feature, & that removing Windows Media Player would cause these Games & Software to break.

Here is a few of these reports of some of these new bugs & exploits being introduced, most of them are from the WindowsReport blog:

Also, the developers of the Wine compatibility layer for Linux is not going to spend the time or resources to reverse engineer all the APIs of Windows Media Player anytime soon, as it consists of the above mentioned syncing features for applications, include PC Games & Software, as well as Microsoft products, all of which are not widely documented anywhere on internet forums, and were only documented by third-party developers who got SDKs from Microsoft. So yeah, as of today, nobody has done a reverse-engineer attempt for Windows Media Player's APIs, not even using Virtual Machine software (VMWare, VirtualBox, PCem, Hyper-V, & QEMU) and very likely, it will never be done.

Why Microsoft still hasn't bothered to remove Windows Media Player support in Microsoft Office, & why Microsoft still hasn't ported the remaining Microsoft Office desktop applications to both HTML5 & Mobile platforms is beyond me. Maybe Microsoft just hates HTML5, WHATWG & the Open-Source community as money in general. It's very unlikely in the future, but I want to see Windows Media Player open-sourced under the MIT License.

The closest things I can compare the Windows 10 version of Windows Media Player 12 in the "poorly maintained" & "completely abandoned" categories are these:

- for Poorly Maintained: Rockstar Games' later digital distribution re-releases of the PC ports of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City & San Andreas. These later digital distribution releases of these PC ports mostly breaks a lot of things, including mod support, & mouse compatibility. But hey, at least there playable than the awful Xbox 360 & PS3 versions of San Andreas which was a shoddy port of the mobile version of the latter.
- for Completely Abandoned: Valve's Half-Life Source. The SteamPipe update of the Source engine version of Half-Life 1 broke a lot of features & introduced new bugs, including but not limited to. Badly coded Ai, visual glitches in the maps (most notable c2a4c & c2a5c), lack of collision detection code for the tentacles, the sounds of scientists & security guards playing their pain sounds even when they aren't hurt, and many more that breaks the game. Your only chance to patch the map related problems is to combine the Resized Maps (available on GameBanana) with the maps already included in Half-Life Source (though any chances of a unofficial "Maps-Only" patch is rather slim). In spite of these flaws however, It's still better than the awful Half-Life 2 "Paid Mod" abominations Prospekt & Hunt Down The Freeman.

If you ever noticed these bugs from those articles that I put on this discussion, let me know, as Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10 is very poorly maintained in later updates for Windows 10.

What do you think, should Windows Media Player be open-sourced to the MIT License, or should the Wine compatibility layer developers reverse engineer Windows Media Player's APIs? Your opinion in this discussion here.
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Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
The more I read about this, the more my head hurt. In a nutshell, is Win Media Player finally gone corrupt due to bad programming? You know the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Seems like that is the case here. My semi-educated guess would be the last developer that worked on WMP finally retired and the new programmers have no idea how to deal with it. If you can't fix it, just move along to the next new flavor of video player.

I've used Wine, had no problems but I'm not a gamer, either. The Sims or Sim City 4 and some Hoyle card/board/casino games are about it and I run them on VirtualBox/Win XP Pro SP3. I also don't XBox, either. I use VLC for audio/video play and Cdex (32 bit) for ripping. My favorite for CD burning is CDburnerXP. Works just fine on Win 10.

this is typical of Micro$oft, though. Roll out the new bugs in an update that wasn't thoroughly tested on older computers beforehand. We are the Beta testers, maybe Alpha testers in some cases. I've had that "Infinite install loop" happen to me. On shutdown, it acts like it's installing something, never finishes. On startup, it does the same thing, acts like it's installing & configuring. Finally went started rebooting when I would select "Shut Down" from the menu.

Did a clean install with Media Creation Tool, everything's fine now. Well, we shall see how M$ digs their way out of this.
The more I read about this, the more my head hurt. In a nutshell, is Win Media Player finally gone corrupt due to bad programming? You know the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Seems like that is the case here. My semi-educated guess would be the last developer that worked on WMP finally retired and the new programmers have no idea how to deal with it. If you can't fix it, just move along to the next new flavor of video player.
If that's the case with Microsoft's Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 10, I might want to do a video in a similar vain to YouTube user decino's video "Doom Challenges Deemed Impossible", possibly titled "Wine Reverse-Engineer Challenges Deemed Impossible" focusing on Reverse-Engineer attempts about Microsoft Windows APIs that are deemed impossible & that the developers of the Wine API for Linux likely will never have time to implement a reverse-engineered version of these APIs related to Windows Media Player's compatibility with PC games & software.

I might use these videos as reference material for making my video regarding Windows APIs that are "Deemed Impossible" to reverse engineer in Wine.

Also, if this is indeed mostly true, Reverse-Engineer laws regarding software in the European Union is entirely different compared to those in the United States, if anybody can confirm that.

Other than that, It's unlikely Microsoft will ever open source their outdated Windows Media Player in the future to the MIT License anytime soon, and why Microsoft is taking forever to migrate away from their now-forgotten ActiveX platform to HTML5 is beyond me.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
So, it's the fact the Windows Media Player APIs are not included in the EU and Korean versions but the second video clearly states you can download the missing items as an add-on to Windows 10.

Also, it would seem after a preliminary search, it's the DRM that's the issue and to be honest, DRM code is not open source. Never will be. What DRM hacks (I call them hacks) that have been done, they were accomplished through reverse engineering, not by someone handing a programmer the code to insert in Wine. So yeah, your first video really doesn't work as well as saying the latest version of Doom won't play in Wine due to DRM issues.

And, I'm going to guess Doom won't run on the latest versions of Windows 10 because the ability to read and process DRM protection has been removed from those recent Win 10 distros.

Those needed APIs are in other products, too. VLC comes to mind. I don't have WMP, Groove Music or Movies & TV on my Win 10 distro and it runs games, video and mp3 just fine with VLC installed. I'm pretty sure some of my games might have installed their own APIs when I did the installation.

Media Feature Pack

So, if that still doesn't fix the problem, then it would be with the games having DRM that can't be read by Windows 10.

This is just my preliminary opinion and there might be other software/API issues to battle.
I don't even think that the Windows Media/PlaysForSure DRM or PlayReady DRM is implemented in any shape or form in nearly every PC game released in the 2000s, in either the audio or video files in any of those games' files. I'm thinking the main Copy Protection related to those games has to be the Executable code for many of these games having to make sure Windows Media Player is installed on your PC.

Try testing any PC game you might own, and play any of the audio or video files on VLC or other open-source media player software, and if this isn't the case with the audio or video files, but rather it's the coding of the EXE files of many PC games requiring Windows Media Player to play those games. Let Me Know If This Is Correct.

In addition to these problems, I have no reason to believe that Windows Media Player 12 isn't the intended HTML5 implementation from Microsoft, and it's likely a new way for Microsoft to compete against HTML5 from the W3C & WHATWG after the failure of their Silverlight API.
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Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Cross Post? Anyway, you know, often times it is required to do a clean install of Windows to get rid of nagging issues. Yeah, I ran a Dell Latitude work laptop Windows XP Pro SP3 machine for sixteen years without doing a reinstall but hey, I babied that machine. The guy that got the machine after I retirede killed it in a month. Just sayin' you might be best served by doing a reinstall to get rid of issues.
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Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
(I hate to double post)

The reality is, WMP is dead. Micro$oft will not be doing anything further with it so we all must move on. I would suggest using VideoLan VLC because it will come with its codecs in the installer.

And, just because the game won't run on Windows 10 doesn't mean it's not the game's fault. Sometimes, it is the game.