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I was never a well-off or healthy kid, never in a stable family and was incredibly insecure since I was young, but since I became a furry, and my sexual development aligned with the fandom when I was 13, my life was ruined.

I'm emotional right now, it's past midnight, and its really damn complicated, so I can't tell my story yet, but I'd like to ask the forums:

Has the fandom hurt you?

What's your story? I may post mine if I can make sense of it.


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I will try to make sense of mine. For me I wouldnt describe hurt as 'direct effect' towards me but around me and how it resulted.

Currently, I have kept this personal after a long fight with my parents and I in terms of, knowing this fandom. As hard for me to say this, yes, they are religious which did not go well after they found out. Only reason I'm still in their house is because I'm lying my way through the mess even with my sexuality... But I feel like I'm still being looked at different anyways. Which I don't care t(^~^t
There's a lot to it so I'm going to cut it short. I'll save it for who ever one day to explain my full background.

I'm only 18. I haven't done anything. I still got time. I just need to focus on myself and stay strong. I love this site and people here that make me laugh and smile. Again, I wouldn't say hurt but as in my position, having me adapt to it. Like I said, I can't wait to move out.

I'm tired myself. So pardon any spelling or any errors.

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You'll have to be more specific: are you referring to the online fandom, or real life? Real life, the fandom has been nothing but loving and supportive in every way possible. Online, mileage may vary...


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In some way, yes - this fandom is where I met and lost my first GF (who cheated on me, as it happened. I mean, combine your first break up and your first cuckoldry in your head, and then give me a hug, lol), as well as learned how toxic and backstabbing people can be under particular circumstances. But again, it's hardly a fandom-specific thing - it's just the fact that it tends to attract some eccentric people, folks you can find anywhere outside the fandom if you actively try. But either way, experience was valuable.


Hurt me? No. I don't let shit affect me personally unless it's personal relationships. Even then I won't get eomotionally upset about it, but it will affect me.

I don't let shit over the internet affect me personally. Ever.


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i was once denied a job because i stupidly put my art-related email on my resume instead of my personal one.
When i was called back for my second interview, i was informed that i failed their "ethics" portion of their background check. i asked what they found and the interviewer simply said that a quick Google search came back with "distasteful results". i can only assume he was referring to my old website. ...my old, super-cringy, porn-filled, early 2000's website. i don't know if it was my adult artwork, the fact that i hosted a couple warez on my site or the 9/11 joke i had on the front page. Either way, i can't really say i would've wanted to work there anyway.


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Yeah. My parents found out and told me I was not allowed near my little sisters for a while. They also banned me from talking to my friend, who is also a furry, and they told the entire church that they drag me to -in the fucking announcements- and deemed me an unfaithful member.
That's also the reason I'm an atheist.


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Yes, once. A guy found out I was furry and misunderstood it as "ok with sexual assult" and i ended up punching him in the throat and I never went back to the public library since.


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I've seen furries be less than stellar to one another (irl and online) but that stems more from them being shitty people than being part of the fandom.


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
That's why you just ignore them
99% of the time, yes.
But when there's the potential for you be forced onto a witness stand over it, you've gotta sometimes get involved/take a side.
The above is, thankfully, the farthest I've seen fandom drama go though.