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has the internet helped u in ANY way?

has the internet helped you?

  • yes

    Votes: 23 88.5%
  • no

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • i dont know

    Votes: 2 7.7%

  • Total voters
is there an way that the internet helped you? i mean like made ur mood better or happyier and stuff.
as for me the internet made me feel a lot more better.
and how?
well at first when i ditint know pepole that are into stuff like i am. u know what i am talking about? stuff like paws,macro art and other stuff.
before i even knew that someone was into stuff that i was....i was totally confused and upset...i always thought that i am crazy and sick and need to see an doctor and stuff.
but when i knew that i am not the only one on the planet into this stuff.
i felt a lot more better.
its quite a long story so i tried to make it a bit short.....
has internet helped u too?


New Member
The internet helped me find the furry fandom!

And now I love the internet for showing me this fandom.


I've found the talking practice I get from forums has helped me overcome problems relating to my ASD. I mean it's not real conversation, but I'm more comfortable under the blanket of anonymity, while all the communication has improved my real-life confidence.


the cowboy wolf/roo
yep thats how i meet all my mates!


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The internet has always helped me and it continues to do so. With it, I can express my opinions to virtually anyone in the world, read up about anything I desire to know more about, study psychology by observing how people react to things online, discover interesting people, discover new, bizarre things such as unheard of fetishes and whatnot, all from the comfort of my own home.


Yes and no. It's great and all but I probably waste far too much time.


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Not only has the internet shown me the furry fandom, it has also enabled me to meet one of my best friends, allowed my job to exist, provided an excellent pastime, and made the world an easier place to live in general.

Mr Fox

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It's fun and it gives me something to do... i also meet people so yeah it's all good
It's helped me come to grips with being gay, and to love myself ever since <3


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Its given me more information that I could have ever gotten in the real world. And, of course, its shown me the Fur Fandom.


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I don't really know, for all the good it's done me, it's done twice the bad, but half of that bad made me feel pretty good, so I guess I am neutral to it? I'd better go find some more porn.


It is because of the internet , and yahoo's whacky search results that I found out there were others like me after almost ten years of feeling strange and completely alone. I met my fiancee because of a paranormal group my friend started which only started because of something he found while searching the net (indirect way of helping)


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Well, the internet enabled me to spend time I would be bored in otherwise, also bringing easy acces to inforamtion and contact, but it also made me waste time in which I would be productive. So option nr. 3.


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I spend too much time on the net, which is negative.

However, the net helped me go forward to people. Before I'd do nothing but play solo video games because I was afraid of people. The anonymosity of IRC helped me talk, and it helped me realized that, all and all, some people weren't like others (and I could like hanging around them) and, likewise, I wasn't as uninteresting as I thought, and actually could stand a chance in social situations. Now I have more life than ever before but at the same time am most likely a minor net addict, huh.

A few great friends of mine also possibly saved my life on the internet, all with having been completely depressive for over a decade until very recently (and I'm still careful not to relapse because I know I'm not over it just yet).

More positive than negative I'd say, but everyone would only see the negative because they can't put themselves in my place.


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I do spend WAY too much time on the net, but honestly, i think the internet has become a way of life in a sense, seeing as it is meant to connect people to other people for a general cause. I mean you got all your basic functions: Talking, Playing, Interacting in general. Thats really all you need other than eating, which is easily solved in my case by crackers and iced tea.

haha i probably sound like a complete geek right now >.<