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have a idea for a fursuit but dont know how to carry it out


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i have a idea for a fursuit,not even sure if it could work but i want to make a full white fursuit,with no eyes or mouth nose ect,but it has screens all over its body that have animations on them,idk if bendable see through screens exist tho to do such a thing (guess i could just make the screens white i guess) still how would i do this if there is a way to do this,has anyone ever tried putting screens on there fursuit to show images?


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I'm not very familiar with such technology, but I would recommend into having discussions with protogen fursuit makers! I've seen things similar to what you're describing, although on a smaller scale? But yeah!! That does sound like a really cool idea for a fursuit though!


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Also I believe transparents screens do exist but may be expensive and may not be what you want for a suit.

One more thing I just remembered. I've seen a fursuit style inuyasha costume at an anime convention where they eyes were animated and had preset animations. I don't remember how the vision was set up but it looked really nice.

This could be done in a similar to a realistic suit that has round very real looking eyes. In that case you would be looking through small holes next to the eyes or a see through material around them and basically seeing via the tearducts. Here you don't have tearducts but could have some sort of small holes incorporated in the design or holes covered in see through fabric. Maybe the boarder of the screens where it looks like they are held in place could be made of something see through. It all depends on your design, but I think it should be possible.
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