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Free Art: Have a sketch (Closed)


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I'm working on a personal project at the moment but I want to keep doodling. I just need some ideas ^^ Keep them SFW please :)
If you can give me a pose/situation for the character, that would be helpful too!

You can send:
  • an OC: written description or references
  • a character you like (for example: Sonic or a Pokemon) - please say from where it comes ^^
  • a bunch of references to put together (like your OC and the clothes you want them to wear)
I'll choose what inspire me and see what I can do.

Have a good day!
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Go here, last post, tenth or eleventh potentially~? You can do any you want really though but if you can't choose possibly one of those two then.
forums.furaffinity.net: Request: - Bored and need ideas?
Azeon pose would maybe be something trouble making, peeking around a corner or something. Sini would have any sort of pose having to do with science. Holding a flask, looking at a microscope, holding a clipboard, something. As for if you choose any other one, well I'm sure you could figure out a good pose.. or you could just ask me~
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My guy doing a pawstand would be a unique perspective!

Thanks for considering!


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I'd love it if you drew my new fursona, Dusty! Someone said he looks like a chad, so maybe have him flexing his muscles or something. It's up to you!
Thanks for the chance!



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Can i get a feral boltund (pokemon sword and shield) in a k9 unit vest with the letters GPD on the side?

Or if you want to do anthro, he'll need to be in a modern police uniform.
And if you need a name, his name's Percival (Percy for short)
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I'm tryin' to get my character lookin' cute for once! If you'd like just draw him however while looking happy instead of mean for once.

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Hebbin finished full body
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