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Connection Issues: Have been unable to access forum for months, just learned that Firefox's 'private window' goes thru just fine...

reptile logic

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Through my usual access method, I have encountered the 'temporarily off line' notice for this site, for months now. By accident, I learned that by selecting 'New Private Window' in Firefox, before selecting this site address, the exact same address took me to this, still-active site.

Just curious if anyone else here has experienced something similar.

Wow, all this time I thought the forum was down.


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did you try killing your cookies?


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
Good that you found your way finally! But sorry to hear you've been "cut off" from the forums all this time.

I had similar situation at work, not with forums. Got an access link to a very specific file package, an update to a very specific workstation. It had Firefox set as default browser. And then, it didn't download the linked file, but gave me one that has been accessed three months before! I didn't notice at first, ran the installation... The ensuing mess took 2 workdays to clean up.

Suffice to say, I'm not using FF as a main browser on any of my devices anymore... Since years on my PC, since the time when watching YouTube in FF would give me hard system crash and complete blackout, not recoverable without cutting the power off completely and restarting. Ugh... Long ago, FF used to be the best, but currently it increasingly resembles overrated garbage.


AKA Kardek
I'm in the same boat! I just found out today. D:
How long have the forums been back up?

Also, looking for a new sysadmin? I've messed up caching so many times, I'm sure I would have done it correctly this time probably so people wouldn't have had this issue. :p