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Have I... err, over-shaved the muzzle? (and general crit desired on first head)


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
Hey guys, it's that time of the year again when I've got just enough free time to think about my fursuit some more. The last place I left it, I'd started shaving the furred head.

I do know that (since I used a pretty long fur all over the head) that I'm gonna need to do a lot more shaving around the rest of the head, but I wanted to get the muzzle down first. But I do worry that I might have gone too far, and I was wondering if you guys might be able to give some opinions on the matter?

Any un-evenness I'm not so fussed with, as she will have whiskers soon. I'm just concerned that I've shaved TOO much by convention.

Here are the pictures I took today with my best camera:

And here is one of the head being worn - with the ears pinned on loosely.

I was also wondering about general improvements that could be made at this stage, before I go on to the next stage? I'm currently at the furring/shaving stage. Trying the head on, I realised that I need to extend the neck fur some more - and I need to extend the back of the head, as it turned out too small to zip up completely, despite the DTD - but the zipper looks and works great!

As for what I think I need to do next? I'm not sure what the best plan of action is from here. I think (as this character will have horns) that I should be working on casting the horns.

But... is there anything glaringly wrong with the head? What could I improve on/change? How am I doing so far? I know that the muzzle shape turned out a bit weird with all the lopping off and shaping I had to do after casting. It jumps out at me every time I look at the head. Also the vision is not great, adding the fur obscured what little vision was present, but I think it should be OK for me to wear. This is my first head, and since I'm looking to do a fullsuit of my 'sona after this, I'm considering it to be practice.

Thank you for your advice!!


should the ears be that low?

can you put a ruler up to the fur and measure how much pile you have left?

Nordo Huskamute

I need coffee
It looks fine in the pictures. I shave my muzzles down really sort, because you know, animals usually have really short fur there... I'd say if you like the look and there is no backing showing through the fur then you're good to go. There is no rule on whats "too short". I'd shave the cheeks and bridge of the nose down a bit also, and feather the short fur into the longer fur. That'll help frame the face and give it a nice "cheek floof" look. Generally a long shaggy face doesnt look as good as a short well groomed one, at least on more realistic styled suits. Hope this helps!
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