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have u met any furs in real life?

have u met any furs in real life?

  • Yes

    Votes: 241 55.0%
  • No

    Votes: 155 35.4%
  • Mabey

    Votes: 42 9.6%

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here is me again doing an threath
do u know or have met any furs in ur real life?
as for me....
u know the answer.....NO


I know at least three furries in real life. One is my boyfriend, who is absolutely amazing. The two others really kind of creep me out. :[
I know at least three furries in real life. One is my boyfriend, who is absolutely amazing. The two others really kind of creep me out. :[

lucky :]
One of my friends at school is furry :)
the prob about furries are that they are mostly scared of telling others
and if i ask someone that are they an furry they will think like wtf?


Well, as I've said somewhere on this huge forum, I don't always call myself a furry. So when people ask if I'm a furry, I just tell them I'm not, I just like anthropomorphic stuff. :]
and im not only an furry ( again )


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I'm fairly sure a few of the people I knew in highschool were furries, but I haven't seen them in a few years.


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ive been really fortunate when it comes to meeting other furs in the area. as it stands now, i know of 8 furries in the area (school, work, tricking teams) basically anywhere i go, i find furries there. im pretty sure there are tons of us everywhere, we just need to learn how to notice each other. things such as wearing a collar/tail/ears, attracts other furries attention. thats most likely why ive met so many furries, because i wear my collar literally everywhere.

also, now there is an international furry symbol, so wherever you are, if you see someone with this symbol, then you know theyre furry. i think its genious ^^

but what state is it?


2 of my best Friends, one is a loud umber furry & the other is really secretive you would never be able to guess he was one.
damn ur lucky


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Lets see... I've met my husband... a couple friends back in the States, and another handful of friends in the UK. And it seems I get the chance to meet more all the time. ~needs to get around to venturing to a London furmeet again sometime soon~ Should actually be meeting at least one more this summer, and another towards the end of the year as well. ^_^


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i say possibly... i once met this girl who wore a sweater with a hood that had ears on it and she is a great artist... i have only seen a few things, none of which where furry... so ether she is kind of a furry.... or... she just likes little animal ears on her hood... who knows...


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I haven't even come close. The closest I've come is meeting 2 people that know what fchan is and they say that they visit it frequently. ._.


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I have met one furr IRL, a French guy, yes he speaks english lol, pitty i didn't speak more french though, we also intend to meat again in the future so it wasn't just a one off thing. If i was able to afford it, i would willingly meet other furries to. :)


Yeah, one of my best friends is a fur, and he's the one who got me into the fandom.
And there's another kid I know who's a fur, and he goes to my school. Yeah.

That's about it.
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