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Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Wild Animal? (aside From Insects/spiders)

Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Wild Animal?

  • Yes

    Votes: 31 60.8%
  • No

    Votes: 11 21.6%
  • No, but almost...

    Votes: 9 17.6%

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Professional Watermelon Farmer
Curious: Who here has been bitten by a wild animal, and what was it like?

Myself, I was bit twice...and both times, by birds!

The first time I was feeding a large swan a piece of bread, and it chomped down on my fingers. Ouch! Those things have strong bills, with these ridges...it hurt, but just a scrape.

The second time was I walking alone, along a long stretch of Lake Michigan, near Manistee. I came across a seagull, tangled in fishing line, but otherwise OK; he hadn't swallowed thehook, was just caught up. So I decided to be nice, and untangle the bird. My God. What a fight he put up! It's incredible how strong an animal can be, when scared. He bit me at least once in the process, with that hooked beak and some sharp claws. Luckily the ordeal ripped up my t-shirt and not my skin.

Then, without even a thank-you, he flew off.

Always did like seagulls, though.

My mother, oddly enough, was once bit by a baby fox when I was maybe 5, though that is another story....


The Gentleman Owl
I guess it depends on what your definition of 'wild' is, as I have technically been bitten by my Barred Owl, but she is in captivity, but she's not imprinted, so....


A snake. Stuck my finger in a strange hole in the ground when I was little. Didnt work out too well...


Professional Watermelon Farmer
A crayfish attacked my toe one time.
That's as far as a wild creature bite I've gotten.

I dunno why, but the image makes me laugh! We had a lot of those in the lakes I used to swim in, but never id get bit...it was the snapping turtles I was more worried about...so much for skinny dipping, with those around :)

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
I dunno why, but the image makes me laugh! We had a lot of those in the lakes I used to swim in, but never id get bit...it was the snapping turtles I was more worried about...so much for skinny dipping, with those around :)

It's really rare you stand on a snapper or have it come and decide to make a lunch out of you,but well that's in Wisconsin anyways.
I was fishing and had my feet in the water so the little shit decided to come up an give my toe a test run to see if it was food or not,needless to say it didn't hurt but when you're minding your own business having something even remotely touch your foot in the water sorta freaks you out.


Moon Moon
I was playing at my friend's house in the country here in rural Michigan and I was bit by a coyote when we stumbled upon its den. Had to get stitches on my left cheek, still got a scar on my chin too


Dack Remus Applewold
My little dog has nipped at me numerous times for trying to bathe or groom her... Oh, wild animal... I got nothing.
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~Tricky Candy Pup~
My pet hamster bit me because I was being a dumb child. Bit through my nail, and I had the scar all the way until I was 14.
It wasn't really a wild animal, but she was half wild, someone released a domesticated rat and I spent a month with my friend trying to catch her.

She got free in the house twice and despite chasing her like a wild thing she didn't bite me, but when I held my hand up to the cage she gave me a nip! Obviously someone fed her through the bars before. She let go as soon as she realized it was finger and didn't break the skin.


A goose. It was only semi-wild.

Okay, I know you said no insects, but I think this is extraordinary. I've been bitten by three different ladybugs on three non-consecutive occasions. It did not hurt at all, but the rareness of the occasion is noteworthy and few people believe me when I mention it.


Well Known Foxxo
I was bitten by a rabid furry, hence how I became a furry in the first place


Wakor Jones
The first time, I was a toddler, and we had this dog someone had given away to us. He was very large but also very scared and very tense.
Then my small baby ass tripped and fell on top of him, and he grabbed and shook me. It only took half a second for him to tear me up like tissue paper!
I have a thin scar on my face that was done cosmetically to make sure I didn't look like Freddy Kruger. I have a thicker scar on my thigh, teeth marks in my skull, and two THICK scars on my back (indicating the top and bottom jaws).

The second time, I was trying to take a hook off of a catfish and it bit me.


An iguana bit my finger when I was a baby??? Lol. A raccoon has scratched my finger too... ( ̄▽ ̄);;


No, but there was a raccoon less than 5 feet away from me though.

It was in front of my house, but it probably wouldn't have a problem gnawing me to shreds to protect itself.


College Student
I have been attack by a wild raccoon. I was heading out to my car to head down to the minute market when I heard a loud growl across the street and I notice a couple of fuzz balls running to catch up with her. One of the babies got scared and ran back under the house (left of the porch of the house I was living in). The mother thought I had grabbed one of her babies and attack my legs. Let's just say it hurt..... a lot. Luckily my friend had come out shortly after he heard me and got the raccoon off my leg. Don't really have the scar on my leg anymore from the bite.


i haven't been chased but i have chased
i chased a fox and threw rocks at it when i was 12