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Have you ever done something weird, related to animals ?



When I was in primary school, I often roleplayed as a fish that flops around on land slowly dying. Better definition, as a magikark.

The other kids found it weird but I found it fun :D.

Also tried like a cat snack once and wow it tastes shitty, how can my cat stand such disgustang tasting food.


I also ate a little of the sunflower seeds in my parrots bird food when I was a young kid to encourage my pet parrots to eat cause I was only 6 and was afraid if they didn't eat frequently that it meant they forgot how to eat or that they didn't realize what I put in the bowl was food and they would die.

Being such a genius at a young age I would eat some in front of my birds to prevent said tragedy. Brilliant I know.

Looking back I would say I got some good bonding time with them doing this so I say it's a win.