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Have you ever drawn your sona as a different gender before?

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Ever get bored and draw your sona as another gender? I just drew Annabelle as a guy. Meet Andy!



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In terms of physical appearance, Milestone wouldn’t change much if she was male. But she would be considerably smaller.

The character in my avatar (Hailen) also wouldn’t look very different as a woman. He’d be slimmer, and the change would certainly be more noticeable than Milestone’s, because of the added...assets :p.
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Not exactly. However, before I first drew her i found out it was possible to take the appearance settings for the skyrim character she was based off, and place them onto characters of the other gender, or different races.

She (he I guess?) got a thicc beard

Do what I do, give them a brother or a sister. XD


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I don't exactly draw, but I do commission Drake as his female alter ego, Jennifer.


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i don't need to draw them myself.

plenty of people have already done that for me smh.

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I never really understood it and I don't really want to draw/get commission of Jackpot being female but that might be because he's too gay to become female.


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Hm. Nah. Other people have accidentally drawn my sona as a girl and it makes me insanely uncomfortable. Like sure his color scheme isn't the most masculine ever (he has trans flag colors + brown eyes) but still. He's a good trans dude and I don't really feel like questioning my own gender again any time soon. He's gonna change with me if I ever do so uh. Nope. Not drawing him as anything else anytime soon.

I will do it with other characters though. Granted there typically isn't much difference in the design but it's still a fun thing to do. I'd like to do it more often.