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Have you ever googled yourself?


you are me, and i am you
no i havent, hmmm maybe i should... though i have a prity original name

ill post the results later :D


you are me, and i am you
the results contained: my old facebook from 2004 that i forgot the password to, the end.
not even my current facebook... basicaly nothin...
i was expecting a professional wresler or something...


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
Of course!

Bizarrely, there's some guy whose screenname is the same as one of my email addresses. Somebody on 4chan also stole one of my pictures from Facebook, and turned it into their avatar (which is why I no longer use photos of myself as my Facebook avatar).

So, if you google my email or my name, you either think I'm a Spanish-speaking muscle car enthusiast, or a 4channer. Meh.


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You can get to my Facebook through my Wikifur, which you can get to through my screenname. I should probably be concerned, but..


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All I got was some ancient Honor Roll lists from my high school, a bunch of court reports from other states and an obituary for my uncle with the same name.

Hinalle K.

My real name shows results with bajallions of pictures of terrorists :[


Oh, my name isn't really common. The first two things that come up in the results are my Google+ and Facebook profiles, and then there's a whole bunch of Australian and American ancestry records (mostly dead people who share my weird surname =P)

Edit: Apparently I run an interior design company in Ontario. Good lorrrrrrrd
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All I got was my twitter (which I never actually used), a blog I made for a school project, my Google + (which I never actually used either), and some magician who has the same first name as me.


i'n an avenue in LA for 5 frigging google pages and then i am a park and a small town. i'm starting to think i'm the only actual person with my name -.-


an article for know your meme on chesse20
several popular forum posts I made
many internet profiles of mine


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I apparently share a name with a football player and repeated law offender on parole. I don't show up whatsoever. So I guess I'm still discreet.


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I haven't googled my name per say, but i have googled my Username (Teethdude).
95% of the things that show up are me x3


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There are a lot of people who share my IRL name.


Lady Sloth
My real name is so vague it comes up with like a million results for other people and nothing for me. my nickname also turns up other people besides me. However, if you google "Tica sloth" I'm all over the first page of results :p


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Yes, both my real name and my artist name. Need to check out what dem employers might see.

Another person with my real name (yes, last name included) is also, infuriatingly, an artist, which is why I'm glad I operate under an artist name.


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I remember when I was younger I went on google images and searched my name. The first result was a gravestone with my name on it. It was a little unsettling. Can't hurt to search myself again..

HUH?! Eddie Page is the name of a man who claims to be a hybrid between an alien and a human?
What is this?!


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Yeah. Front page links a video I took of a Bobaflex concert and then an article I wrote for a sports website called Bleacherreport.com

Otherwise it's random facebook pages and Linkedin profiles that aren't mine.


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holy crap! I actually exist! You can find my ancient blog with my story on it!


Mostly facebook or twitter names for females appear, none of which are me. I also found something about SAP jobs in New Zealand