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Have you ever lied about your name online?


I'm not too fond of my name to be honest. With particular people I'll request they either use my username (for whichever website I'm on) and any variation of this. So for example here I'd rather be any shortening or version of "Larkspur". But when I become close friends with people I've met online and they ask, I usually give them an alias - kind of, what I wish my name was.

I don't hate my name or anything, and I don't plan on having it legally changed or altered. I've always been fond of unisex/gender-neutral names and for a while there's just been this name I really like (whats creepy is ever since this, I've been seeing the name everywhere. Not sure if coincidence or...just me being more aware).

so now I usually give my real name only if I'm REALLY close with someone. If not and I choose to use my alias, I'll say flat-out that, "this is not my real name, but I'd like it if you called me by this." Some people have gotten offended and think I don't trust them but,..that's not it. I just like the name I choose for myself. If it could be carried to the land of IRL then eh, I still wouldn't change since I've been used to my actual name for so long (well obviously), but it would be kinda cool.

So, how about all of you? Do you ever use an alias online? If so, have you told them or do you pretend/wish it were your real name? Nothing to do with fursonas, just you.


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Nope, never.

My name really is "CerbrusNL"


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Well, my name is "Joseph", but I generally use "Sepp" because I find "Joe" to be boring, so I guess that's both a yes and no...that and my grandma always called me "Seppi".

As to the username, "Sniper" has been my nickname since middle school.


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nobody from other countrys can pronounce my full name without my help or google it because its that original LOL

my name is "Eivid" translated into english... much like "Deivid"

as for virtual names, it changed ALOT but i think im finaly happy with Pantheros
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Well it's an acronym so there's plenty of mystery right there =P It's a pain in the ass when people pester you for your "real" name, usually I just give them a bullshit answer


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Yes and no. I used to tell people my middle name, Matthew. Now-a-days, I don't really give a damn.
My real name doesn't even exist on the internet. Every site I go to, I use like 1 of 4 aliases. 'Dire H.' is about as close to my real name as anyone will get >.> My middle name isn't even a name, its a title, so it's kinda hard to use that. My avatar is the only thing even remotely close to showing my face as well, other than when I cosplayed as Captain America, then you have my lower face and a mask~
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Nope, my first name is incorporated into my god-awful username. I don't have a problem with sharing my first name. It's on my Skype, too, but I made that mainly to talk with IRL people.

I don't mind my name really, it's OK. But I start to get sad when I remember my parents telling me they were considering naming me Porsche. That would've been so much cooler =(


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I just usually tell folks my nickname (DJ) if I don't want to use my real one. I've been called DJ for as long as I remember so I just use that. My username has been changing nonstop over the years, depending on my current interest.

My real name is Darius btw.

Hinalle K.

I'm one of those goons who doesn't believe real,full names should be shared on the internet.

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I don't so much as 'lie' about my name (Christopher) as I do prefer another. (Oscar, or Jeremy in one person's case.)

I've never liked my name, as it was given to me in the hopes that I'd be a diehard christian fundamentalist.


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According to Google Plus, my real name is "Nickel Steel".

I've also thought of maybe setting it to "Lars Enny", "Tip Dover", "Po Ching", "Cy Berpunk", "Hardley Worthit", "Robin Steele", "Luke N Ferloot", "Drake Onian", "Marshal Law", "Jed I Knight"...


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I don't use my real name online if I can help it. I am not sure if customers who pay me on PayPal can see it, but the only people I have told are Thaily and MalyTwoTails (of Contact Caffiene) because they sent me things in the mail. I do not like my real name.


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I never give out my name online. I made a few online friends a while back, and we talked almost every day on Skype. They always just knew me as Kas.
I've never had anyone ask for my real name online, but if someone did I wouldn't tell them. If worse came to worst I'd just give them some random name.
Edit: The main reason I don't give out my name online is because it is very unique. Most people have trouble pronouncing it at first, and it is often misspelled.

(Also, KAS3519 isn't just a bunch of random letters/ numbers, it actually has a meaning)


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Probably lied when I was still little and a fresh internet user, but now that I write stuff on the net, I don't hide my real identity. And in the case of really strong and opinionated articles, I sign with my full name and taking pride in it.

... Sure I know it'll bite me in the ass sooner or later, but I prefer to be totally clear on who I am and what I'm doing.


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I've never really lied about my name, or my username. I've got a generic name but I don't know anything I'd like better that isn't strange. As far as my username goes I've told many people it is almost always this or a variant.

Though I'll admit to lying about my age. *wink wink*


Huh, great to see such diverse answers o: thank you, all!


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Never came up! I use the usernames on the internet mostly. I don't care if people know who I am as I do have several books out there on Kindle, but There are so many of us if you google it. And the only thing you won't find is a picture of me! The usernames are different for different sites but mostly Doggywolf67.
As I understand it though there is a not so friendly guy who also uses Doggywolf67 but in less than a few seconds you would know it wasn't me!
I like the nickname Gnarl it seems to fit me the best...

PS: one reason I use the username is because my Initials are S&M!