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Have you ever met a furry IRL by accident?



More specifically, I'm looking for people who unintentionally met a furry in a setting where such a meeting was unusual. So, going to Anthrocon and meeting a furry there doesn't count.

Story time:

Back when I was in highschool, there was this one girl in my math class who sat next to me. On her binder were drawings of One Direction but with cat ears. I started up a conversation with her about the drawings (because there was a fuckload of those sorts of drawings on her binder) and she said that she was a furry. Since I didn't think of myself as a furry at the time and I thought it was a fetish, I dismissed her as strange and didn't talk about her binder again.

I really regret not getting closer to her now that I'm a furry though. I mean, it would probably be pretty entertaining to have a friend live so close and have such a rare interest in common.

Anyone else have a similar experience?


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Not a crazy story or anything but my buddy sent me a pic of his sona once by accident. He thought i would freak out but i sent mine back as a sign of good will and we havent talked about it since


Not a crazy story or anything but my buddy sent me a pic of his sona once by accident. He thought i would freak out but i sent mine back as a sign of good will and we havent talked about it since
Are you sure it wasn't intentional? has it ever came up in conversation in any way?


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We talked about it when ever i sent mine but after that day we just keep to our selves about it


Nope. I don't do social stuff. Much rather be alone. Norway's not exactly big on Furries anyway, so meeting one would be a rather interesting encounter.


Well at a scout camp during my 4 years of lurking around somebody who drew the cat eared people showed them to me + others at the camp (whatever the name of them is). The person was very nice and I was in an awkward position because I knew what they were, so I acted like I didn't care.


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Actually happened to have a furry in my ~15 person class when I studied programming like ten years ago. Came up because my notebooks always seem to end up being half doodles, half actual notes. Not really been in touch with him much after we graduated; things got awkward because of interpersonal developments.


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I used to have a thing going with some friends where we would sneak that gross flavored vodka into the dorms and play Cards Against Humanity on Thursday nights. One night one of the guys brought his tablet and said he'd been trying to draw. I asked to see it b/c I like artsy stuff regardless, but it was all fuzzball stuff. I tried to hint that I was into that stuff too without tipping off everyone else but it went over his head. There was actually another guy who hung around who was way more serious and owned a fursuit but I wasn't really where I was social about it so we never talked.


It really would be truly interesting to know how many furries there are in the world.

Given that a fair amount of us have, by chance, found a furry, surely it cannot be too small a population. At the same time though, perhaps the chances of randomly finding a furry was distorted because of the higher prevalence within the young teen to young adult age groups.


I've yet to meet one. I don't go out of my way to do it, and honestly, coming across one would be a total surprise, given how intolerant my region is of anything out of the ordinary. I do hope to meet one someday like that.


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The first and only time was when I was in London last summer, I managed to sneak a picture without anyone knowing


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Back in college, I wound up being the president of the school's gaming club once our previous fearless (read: hapless) leader abdicated in his second year of holding the office. Through this club and those associated with it I managed to meet quite a few furries. By the end of my term (through no fault of action of my own) fully half (at least) the club leadership/chairs were furries (with varying levels of public knowledge of it from the club at large) and a good number of others were dating members of the fandom.

Let it be said that we were firmly regarded as the WORST cabinet in the club's history, but I was NOT (somehow) the worst president :p


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There's two people I've encountered who I never suspected of being furries at the time we first met.

The first was Lexus, a fellow high school student and army cadet who I initially got to know during lunch-hour Halo multiplayer sessions at a friend's place. This acquaintance we developed with each other led to him opening up to me in the school library one day about him being a furry of the closet variety (by contrast, it was common knowledge at the time among those I frequently interacted with that I at least drew anthros). While I was a bit surprised by this, I quickly took it in stride and further advised that he shouldn't make a big deal out of it.

The other was sockeye101, another fellow army cadet who I initially met at my first cadet summer camp (he and I were from two different cadet corps in Southern Ontario) and would run into every summer from that point onward throughout our cadet careers. It wasn't until we last saw each other during our respective Basic Military Officer Qualification courses in Saint-Jean that I found out that he was a brony, but like with Lexus I wasn't overly surprised by it. Now having just recently found his FA profile, I don't find it surprising at all that he was a furry as well.


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I have not met one, but I had seen one in my final year of highschool after I moved to FL. She was wearing ears and a tail.


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Okami & I haven't met one yet, other than at Momo. But we are def more aware of 'the signs' and we play 'Are they a furry or not?' based on what we see. Our bartender last night had on a great dress covered in some crazy cats, a tattoo of Lamb Chop on her leg & a lions head in a heart on her chest. We immediately figured her to be a furry!!


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My first boyfriend introduced me to furrydom and I didn't know he was one until he started sending me some art in e-greeting cards.

Does that count?


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I've unintentionally introduced someone to furrydom and now they're one of us (I just chanted "one of us" all in note C as soon as I found out xP)


Yup, he told me about how he was pushing his furry intentions on his ex girlfriend