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Have you ever noticed...

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Write about it in a blog. Don't waste valuable forum space with this drivel, though calling anything in the Den 'valuable' might be giving it too much credit.


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Have you ever noticed how Anthrocon and Otakon sound the same too. Freaky.

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Guys! omg I just realized. Words with the same letters at the end sound the same!
Can it be that the english language puts stress on consonant sounds and when words are similar in length with the same consonant sounds at the end it stands out?

Or conspiracy?

I'm going with option 2 myself.


Did you ever notice that furoticon has the word fur in it, cause its for furries, get it?

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Two unrelated words sound alike!? Someone alert the media! Surely, this is the greatest discovery in history!


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And not a single shit was given that day.

Also the word is called a rhyme.
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