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Have you ever stopped considering yourself as a furry?

Maelstrom Eyre

Ahmoua Wolf
There have been times when people act so silly - not in a fun, playful way - but immature, stupid, just trying to create or stir up drama or basically be attention whores. . .those are times when I think "WTF?! Why do I even want to associate with people like this?" They're not fun to be around. They drive away other people, they perpetuate all of the negative stereotypes about furries.

Then I remind myself that they do not represent the entire fandom. So, I just avoid those people I don't like to be around and hang out with those I like talking to.

But I'm not going to give up on my own fursona, or enjoying stories or art or other things that feature animal characters, just because a few people make assholes of themselves.


EH b0sss
i play games so im a gamer. i paint so im a painter. i play bass so im a bass player. i draw anthro, and participate in the fandom so im a furry. if i ever stop doing furry stuff then i guess i wouldn't be a furry anymore but right now im a furry.


Yeah, I guess. In college, I tried to quit drawing "those lame animal people" so I could cultivate an interest in the kinds of subject matter that would fly better in a fine art class. I was already a fish out of water, being that I had a stronger interest in illustration in a school that had no illustration degree, so I did what I could to keep my head down.

Clearly a successful effort on my part, ahem.

Got wicked art burnout after I graduated, too. Didn't draw anything for at least a couple of years. When I felt interested in art again, I wanted to draw the lame animal people of my youth. So I went with it, and here I am. Ah well. I've enjoyed it.

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
My fandom involvement right now and for a long time has been limited to keeping up with the art output, and digging what people make. Otherwise I wouldn't consider myself part of the fandom, but I'm definitely a furry. Like, I would have given up on BoJack Horseman after the first episode if it wasn't for the animal people eventually leading me back, dragging my heels in shame.

I'm studying art now, so I don't doubt that once I'm happy enough with my own quality of work, I'll end up making characters and drawing art of them. It doesn't quite feel inevitable, but it's pretty likely I'll end up participating in the furry art community sometime in the future, or at least drawing anthro characters. Never bought into the whole fursona thing, but I've started developing an 'avatar' character which I guess is kind of the same thing?

So yeah, furry for 7 years, but it's been a long time since I considered myself part of the fandom. I've been an observer without any voice in the community, and so I don't think I could say I'm really involved.


I'm not concerned about what the fandom does anymore.

I'm still new, and I've been told not to worry so much about the fandom's image. "Just know who you are, and be you" is what I pulled out of it.


I like the art and stuff, but I now refrain from labelling myself as a "furry" because I don't want to get lumped in with the community.


Mamma Yeena
I like the art and stuff, but I now refrain from labelling myself as a "furry" because I don't want to get lumped in with the community.

Can't imagine why you wouldn't want to be lumped together with some of the most interesting and diverse people hell has ever spawned on this world.


Since my definition of furry just means an appreciation of anthropomorphic animals, whether I've got a fursuit or not, I've never stopped seeing myself as a furry, even during the times I considered disappearing from the face of the Earth. Unless I become victim to some hardcore brainwashing, a la Clockwork Orange, my appreciation won't be changing anytime soon.

As for my involvement in the fandom, I've struggled with failing to fit in many times, wondering if any part of that had to do with me not being a good furry (in addition to having shitty social skills). I used to be really excited about attending fur meets and cons but after facing rejection at the majority of each I've all but retreated into the less painful internet realm.
but after facing rejection at the majority of each

What could you possibly have done to be rejected by furries, of all people?
Is it appropriate to ask?


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Actually yes, several times I've questioned what the label means to me. Overall I don't do it for long since I always wind up just falling into the logic of, "It doesn't matter."


Impulsive? Impulsive.
I myself at one point considered calling myself an "anthro" or "anthro fan" instead due to the horrific shit I saw such as the zoosadist ring and pedophiles with people accepting them, but the reality was that most didn't.

Whether I'd call myself an anthro fan or a furry, I'd still be doing the same exact shit I've been doing, such as interacting with furries, commissioning and making furry art, etc.

It's just a word. An arbitrary word that makes no actual difference on what I do and the people I talk to. Yeah there are some bad eggs, but there will be bad eggs anywhere you go, and that includes any "anthro fan" community.

The furry label is being more and more accepted, and eventually it'll have the same ring to it as "anthro fan." Whoever wants to have other's ignorance dictate their vocabulary I guess can do that, but it doesn't really change anything. People judge. That's part of life.

You can call yourself an "anthro fan," but at the end the day, you'll almost always be viewed as a furry in denial. What you call yourself makes no difference because either way, people will be ignorant and assume you do depraved shit simply because you like talking animals. You can't escape it.

Just live your life. Don't make things harder for yourself.
What other people say or do has no bearing on who you are as a person.
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Writting Commissions Are Open <3
For me? It's on again and off again, for a long time I was...embarrassed to be apart of the community, something I had a lot of guilt wrapped up in. Because I met some amazing friends through this interesting hobby. I had issues with how I was perceived, and after self reflecting I came back and made my account here, and on the art site tagged with this one. I love to lurk and see all the amazing things people create.

Fursona art, stories, suits themselves, it's a feat of creativity that I am very glad I am getting back into. I am incredibly jealous of the people with the confidence to have fur suits on, and be so outward with it, but maybe it's just the shy nature I was born with. Of course it is a goal to work up the courage, someday at least.


Sheogorath is my co-pilot
I waffle. Generally, though, it comes down to the crowd I'm with and being aware of their bias and understanding of "furry".

If I have to explain it, then maybe not. If it's cutesy, playfulness? Probably am. Really it comes down to how much energy I have to counter the difference between extreme deviance and fan - what they think vs reality. When I'm full on, I'm usually full nerd out mode with DnD or other role-playing friends where they understand it, too.

One day I may make it back to Aquatifur and get a "furcard" renewal, lol.


Cup O' Depresso
I've pondered the question of "Should I be a furry?" I've come to view it as a part of my identity and I couldn't really see myself splitting away from it anytime soon. Some people view it as a hobby, others see it as a lifestyle. And I really see no wrong way to be a "furry". Out in public, I don't flaunt anything like tails or ears or wear merch but if someone asks me or implies, I will answer truthfully. I think that's the nice thing about it though. You can choose to be a furry and how to integrate it into your life.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Interesting! I have the simmilar but kinds opposite.

I consider myself a cat living with the physical state of a HomoSapience.

While I don't tend to care much about 'Am I really a Furry?' thing, I do sometimes. And when so, I guess... it doesn't matter. It's never necessary to make sure on whether 'I'm a Furry' in order to identify myself.

In some sense, it may step into Therian concept. But I don't find the need to get involved into Therian communities because again, I got an identity that I acknowledge, and that needs no third party conditions to stand itself up.

However, I can still say I'm a Furry if anyone asks. At least to me, being a Furry is just as simple as being a game enthusiast and stuffs like that. I like the majority of the fandom and communities, I like interacting with and observing Furries. These are the reason I wouldn't mind being involved in the Furry fandom, but not limited to.

It's just me, keep in mind. And I'd say... What matters is yourself, your likings and enthusiasm, your identity. And if something from outer sources is needed in order to 'prove' your likings/identity, that's not the actual thing. What's actual should never be decided and/or depend on anything but yourself.

Ask yourself--regardless of the society and communities--are you who you are? Are you satisfied with how you are? Hope I could give some inspirations UwU

Oh well... guess I have strayed too far away from the topic:
Back to the topic--what's your focus on 'being a Furry'? Be it having fun with other furz(like me), be it fulfilling your identity stuff, and so on!

There, perhaps the answer is close? OwO
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I don't think I am one to this day. Sonic fan? Yes. OC creator? Yes, again. Do I like anthro style and don't mind my character in that style? Also yes.

Do I have a fursuit? Nope! Do I attend furry conventions? Nope! Do I "yiff" or have any "yiff" artwork! NO!


A fox named Ridley
There was a brief period of denial before I understood what furries were, but since then, I have never stopped considering myself a furry.

I know there are some people who do and say some pretty damn unsavory things as a part of this fandom. But their bad behavior does not reflect on how I go about being a furry. Nothing about them defines me. The same goes for any other group you might belong to. TV/Movie/Game/Book fandoms, sports team fandoms, religions, political parties, companies; you name it, are all going to have some unsavory members. But we press on as members of those groups, because the bad eggs don't reflect who we are, or what the groups mean to us.