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Have you heard of this cleaner?


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I just watched the new episode of ABC's Shark Tank and when i watched it a guy who says hes 19 presented this cleaner known as DetraPel and how it works is that when applied to shirts, pants, shorts or shoes and fabric, etc it seems to prevent any stains like spilling your coffee on shirt or having ketchup being on your shirt or any other liquid or food item for that matter it seems to prevent any stains from becoming present on your clothes in the first place. I think it's really cool and such an excellent idea and product for that matter! It works well on surfaces ranging from wood, fabric and stone and metal to electrical parts, glass, leather and even concrete.
It's a really cool product! plus the CEO that presented himself on the episode even said that it is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly and its so bodily friendly that you can spray it in your mouth! I was blown out by that part but i do think its very good for fabric that's on fursuits. I don't know about the synthetic fur but it does work on the fabric though. It also lasts for a year and during that time it won't leave any residue or white coloring or a foul odor as claimed by the people who presented the product. You can buy it now for like $13.99 but they plan to lower to like $1.14 on the product. Either way i just wanted to share not to promote it but to let yall know theres a cleaner out there that can help out your fursuits a lot by preventing any stains to become present in the first place so i hope you find that is good news for you people who own fursuits.


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I'm pretty sure this won't get much views as i'm sure nobody wants to read a paragraph about a cleaner but hey, i just wanted to get it out there with other people.
Besides, this is the Internet after all!


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Pfffffft your shits got nothing on FlexTape...