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Have you seen the ocean?

Have you seen the ocean?

  • Yes

    Votes: 91 86.7%
  • No

    Votes: 11 10.5%
  • I'm a fish, and I haven't even seen land!

    Votes: 3 2.9%

  • Total voters


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I've seen the ocean exactly once, when I flew into Boston.


I live in the UK, you are never that far from the ocean, so yes.

I have swam and stuff in the ocean.

I intend to live by the ocean in the not too distant future.
I don't hear anything underwater. I guess it makes it scarier, when you're looking down into a total abyss. :C

Gibby...remember...you started the whole "FUCK THE OCEAN" thing with my irl friends.

I hate the ocean more.

*pulls friends out of the ocean* GOODGODTHEY'LLHUMPANYTHING.


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Gibby...remember...you started the whole "FUCK THE OCEAN" thing with my irl friends.

I hate the ocean more.

*pulls friends out of the ocean* GOODGODTHEY'LLHUMPANYTHING.

But seriously... Fuck the ocean. :[ Especially the mariana trench, where it's so deep and dark and you can find so many nasty-ass fishes as well as Cthulhu.


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Pacific is a freezing cesspool.

Atlantic is alright.

Gulf of Mexico, and the Carribean Sea are the best, IMO.


I went to the ocean when I was under the age of three, but it isn't in my memory banks. I want to see it so bad.


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The ocean is the 2nd greatest thing, 1st being the sky.


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I live about half an hour from the Gulf of Mexico, also been in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean when I was in the Navy. Of those, I liked the Caribbean the most. Here's a pic I took down there of a ship we refueled, it's just an incredibly beautiful place.
I don't get down to Galveston as much as I'd like to these days, used to go every weekend. Might have to get up early Sunday and drag out my boogie board, catch some waves.


I've been to the ocean quite a bit. I used to live 45 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. I grew up in Houston, and I went to Galveston a lot, although that water isn't exactly the greatest. Now that I'm in Maryland for school, the actual ocean is a bit further away, although training trip for swimming was always in South Palm Beach. I have been a few places in the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean too.


Yeah I've seen it. I've never had an epiphany while looking at the ocean during a sunset, but I've seen it.

Now people who haven't seen snow, those are the people I worry about. Just because I don't want them to go "gah, white stuff's falling on me! Get it off get it off!". Sure, snow can be invasive and you want to take a flamethrower to it after your power lines have snapped for the third time due to heavy snow, but it's an interesting experience anyway.


I find it really sad that some people haven't.

I mean, it's not like it's super-spectacular if you've seen it before (It's big and it's blue. Except when it's green,) but it is something people should take a look at at some point.

Live there.

Under da sea!

Kinda hard to smoke though isn't it?

scroll up, you are jelly because you are below the jelly line

So are you.



Grew up a five min walk from Belfast Loch. Been 'surfing' on the Atlantic and been up to the North Sea.

I miss seeing the sea from my window <=[

Oh, also, been to the Med Sea as well =3
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Yes. Live on the coast, been to the beach (don't like it much), been on a boat. Stayed at a friends house which was less than five minutes walk from the beach. The ocean here is all cold though.


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Only the Atlantic Ocean, but I've seen it quite a few times. Gone in it quite a few times too. The experience seems overrated to me, but then I live on the coast, and I find the bounty of the sea / bay (Never go extinct, Blue Crabs, never go extinct) much more interesting.