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Having a 'name your own price' commission sale!


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Having a sale to help pay for a large commission I just made! xD

Name your own price! Only rules are that you don't go lower than my lowest price, and be fair!

Base prices:
Sketch: $3
Lineart: $5
Flat Color: $7
Color+Shade: $10
Optional Background: $3
Character Design: $8

[ Examples if you need them http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/chalky/ or http://box-of-chalk.deviantart.com/gallery/]

I get the money before I do the art. I'll note you on where to send the money. Paypal and Snailmail!

Give me a proper reference sheet, and elaborate on what you want me to draw! I don't want unhappy customers.

1 - Open
2 - Open
3 - Open
4 - Open
5 - Open
6 - Open


Who wants pancakes? : D
Wow, you've got a great gallery! I'm surprised you're prices are so cheap (and even more surprised that I'm the first one to comment here.)