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Having problems staying logged in? Please post here.


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If you're having problems staying logged into FA, please let us know. Please post with the following information to help us solve the problem:

Operating System:

We are working on fixing the problem, but need more information to help try and find why certain people are being logged out.


Big Dragon
I used to have problems staying logged in. The site would log me out every time I tried to view adult artwork after closing the window to FA. That was when using IE (Internet Exploder). After a switch over to Firefox the problem went away.


I know this is being bitchy, but if I log on with IE, the Firefox cookie dies, and vice versa.


I keep getting logged out when I view galleries and press "Back"

OS: Windows XP
Browser: Internet Explorer
ISP: Videotron


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Still having the login problem, seems to happen randomly wherever I'm browsing, every 5-10min.

Browser: IE v6
ISP: Either Accesscomm or Sasktel, can't recall which at the moment


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Actually, I'm having no trouble of my own, but a friend of mine is having difficulties. I didn't inquire of her just what the extent of her problems were, other than logging out (don't know if there's a trigger, what browser she's using, ect). Her gallery is here: http://furaffinity.net/user/morningstar/ Since she's been busy with college, I came to report it for her.


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I'm having the same problems staying logged in. I tried deleting my cookies then turning them off and then trying it with them on again and I still get logged off =/ I even tried switching browsers but it still didn't work ^_^;


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I too, have this problem.

Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: Internet Explorer
ISP: Tele2


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Yep. Just randomly get prompted to log in again in the middle of browsing a gallery or whatnot, thus losing the page. mrph.. :/

OS: Windows XP
Browser: AOL
ISP: Wave

Behind a linksys router, cookies enabled, no firewall keeping them out, all that good stuff. Thanks for addressing.


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I -had- issues at first this morning. Lasted for an hour some. Im lucky its got up and left now. I thought I would report anyways, see if I cant help :

OS: XP Pro (if it matters- sans service pack. I keep forgetting to install it)
Browser: Opera, latest version I believe
ISP: Shaw

I think the issue ended after I started personalizing my user info/page.


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For me i've been log off sometimes as well.

OS Windows XP Service Pack 2
Browser Internet Explorer
ISP Well for me i don't know but i'm using a Modem from Charter Communications Charter Pipeline i think so i'll have to look for it.

EDIT: I'm not sure at all which IP i'm using.


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I stay logged in for a while, but after a few times browsing they ask me to log in again. Not a big issue but it'd be nice to not have to deal with it.

Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: AOL(main), IE (sometimes)
ISP: Not entirely sure.


Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: Firefox 1.0.7
ISP: Timewarner Roadrunner

not updating Firefox due to a majority of my plugins/extensions/skins are not supported by the latest build.


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Operating System: WIn XP Home
Browser: IE6
ISP: Adelphia

Lili Fox

Reposted here..

Well, I'm able to log into FA now, and I have it logged in successfully to my home computer via my Firefox browser....

..But whenever I try to log in anywhere else, it tells me I have an erroneous Username and or password. I know my login is correct.

Note: I have also discovered that these issues also occur if I try to log in from someone else's computer via Firefox. So I don't think it's limited to browser type.

Browser: Internet Explorer, and now Firefox
OS: Windows SE (though it didn't work on my friend's computer and he has Windows XP.)
ISP: Wide Open West


OS: Windows XP Pro
Browser: IE6
ISP: Charter Communications


Cream the Rabbit addict
Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: Internet Explorer
ISP: Time Warner


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OS: Windows XP Pro
Browser: Firefox 1.0, 1.5 (Tried both, installed the latter in an attempt to stay logged in)
ISP: Charter

Specifics: Whenever I view a submission. o_O; Needless to say, I can't do comments because of this. -_-